IAU’s Silver Jubilee

In celebrating our school’s Silver Jubilee, we take time to break away from day-to-day schedules to give way to an equally necessary pursuit of skills and values. Through sports and other activities, we can foster an atmosphere of growth and learning by encouraging positive interaction among the members of this academic community which include the administration, faculty and staff, alumni read more

“Hagit sa Aerospacer” Marks Career Orientation 2017

Indiana Aerospace University (IAU) launched its Career Orientation on June 24, 2017 with the slogan “Hagit sa Aerospacer” to both the senior high school and college students. The event aims to cultivate career awareness among Aerospacers and to introduce them to the different school clubs or organizations to compliment their academic life. Notable industry professionals were invited to speak before read more

Basic Education’s New School Director

In March of 2017, Dr. Nonita P. Legaspi was appointed as the Directress of Indiana Learning Center (ILC), the University’s Basic Education Department. At the investiture held during the commencement exercises of the grade school and junior high school students, Dr. Legaspi underscored her vision for the ILC to be a leading Catholic institution in the country.  She thanked the read more

IAU Basic Ed set to fly for Senior High

“It’s all about the New Generation Aerospacer,” quips Mrs. Eulalia Cayude, Basic Ed Principal, when interviewed on what makes Indiana Aerospace University’s Senior High programs different from the rest. IAU envisions the New Generation Aerospacer to propel their dreams further, explore unchartered territories of their personal self, transcend in the midst of rapid change, and live harmoniously with the self, read more