Aerospace Cadets of the Philippines

The ACP program aims to train Grades 9 and 10 students as Aerospace Cadets to enable them to meet the requirements for leadership, law enforcement and community service and prepare them for technology and skill oriented jobs in the highly specified field of aviation through Aerospace education, citizenship and military training.

Forty percent (40%) of the total training hours in each training phase will be devoted to Aviation Education,this is a combined group study and self study program that may utilize information technology in accomplishing some of its lesson requirements which are presented in modular format. Aviation Education is designed to make the cadet fully aware of the importance of aircraft in today’s world of the future,the social economic impact of aerospace development. This understanding will prepare them to contribute for the aerospace technology development.

The remaining sixty (60%) percent of the time will be divided for Leadership, Citizen and Military Training. Ecology awareness will receive emphasis. Likewise, rescue training, first aid and law enforcement subjects are included to prepare cadets for their community services. The greater part of time alloted for military science will be devoted to drills and ceremonies; this is where cadet discipline will be primarily developed an enhanced.

Aside from the regular training, an Aerospace Cadet will serve as member of the Aerospace Cadet Detachment and may also have the chance to participate in the International Cadet Exchange Program.