Joy in Music

Every Wednesday and Friday throughout the school year, Indiana Learning Center offers students from Grades 4-10 music lessons facilitated by two qualified music teachers.  While other students in other schools do not have the opportunity to use and handle even a single musical instrument, our school offers free music classes to Grades 4 and 5 using recorders, Grades 6 and 7 using guitars, Grades 8 and 9 with their violins and Grade 10, the keyboard.

For about six successive years already, students have enjoyed playing their respective musical instruments on stage through the annual music recital where parents have always been invited to witness their children playing the above-mentioned instruments.  It is our hope that with these music classes added to our school curriculum, students’ interest in music will be honed and those who are not inclined to music will be inspired to try awakening their hidden talents in this field.  Furthermore, instead of engaging in worthless activities that spoil young minds, the basic education administration hopes that with these free music classes, the children can have the chance to shift their interest to something more worthwhile, thereby enabling them to experience the JOY IN MUSIC.