Online Enrollment System Procedure and Guidelines

A.  What is the Online Enrollment System?

The Online Enrollment System (OES) is the newest feature of IAU’s website designed for the sole purpose of simplifying the enrollment process for college students. Aerospacers now have the convenience of reserving for their preferred subject(s) and its corresponding schedule for the upcoming semester.

B.  What are the requirements/qualifications before I can reserve for my subjects online?

College students may proceed with the OES only if they have met the following requirements/qualifications.

  • enrolled in the previous semester.
  • entirely settled all his/her financial obligations with the accounting office.
  • not yet registered for the upcoming semester.
  • fully complied his/her clearance form.

C.  How shall I go about with the OES?

Step 1 : Go to the school’s website

Step 2 : If you have satisfied all the requirements listed above, proceed by typing in the following:

  • ID Number:  (use student ID no.)                             
  • Password:     (use password given by registrar)   

Step 3 : Highlight your preferred subjects for the coming semester.  Press RESERVE button.

Step 4 : Pay reservation fee of Php 3,000.

Step 5 : Fax bank transaction slip or have it scanned and send it to

Your reservation shall only be considered upon payment.  Reservation is good only for a specified number of days (enough for the student to process until officially enrolled), otherwise your chosen subjects shall be given to other students. Payments less than the amount required shall not be credited to the account of the student.


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