Undergraduate Programs

IAU offers a 5-year Aerospace Engineering which includes an in-depth learning of mechanics and physics of fluids, aircraft and spacecraft structures and materials, instrumentation, control and estimation, human and automation, propulsion and energy conservation, and aeronautical and astronautical systems.

Students who are enrolled in Aerospace Engineering are expected to be able to conceptualize technical problems and their solutions, design; study and comprehend processes that lead to solutions, develop, and test the results of research, development and designs.  At the same time, you would be adept in research, manufacturing, operation and maintenance, marketing and sales and management.

Download Aerospace Engineering CurriculumDownload Aerospace Engineering Curriculum

Aircraft Maintenance Technology

The Bachelor of Science in Aircraft Maintenance Technology offered in this institution is a four-year intensive program designed to prepare students in the highly competitive and technical aviation industry. Students of the program are taught how to repair, overhaul, inspect, and modify small and wide-bodied aircrafts.  All aircrafts must carry a valid Certificate of Airworthiness to be legally allowed to fly.  In order for this to be valid all maintenance work to be done on an aircraft should be certified by a licensed Aircraft Mechanic. Completion of the program will qualify the graduate for the Airframe and Powerplant licensure exam of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP).

First Semester
Subcodes Descriptive Titles Lec Lab Units Pre-Req
Gen  Ed 1 Contemporary World 3 0 3
Gen Ed 2 Understanding the Self 3 0 3
Math Enhancement Basic Math 3 0 3
Math 100 College Algebra 3 0 3
Drawing 100 Engineering Drawing 0 6 2
Engl Enhancement English for the Professions 3 0 3
AMT 111 Aviation Orientation 2 0 2
AMT 112 Aviation Safety 2 0 2
AMT 113 Theory of Flight 3 0 3
Fil 1 Sining Pakikipagtalastasan 3 0 3
CM 1 The Commandments & Morals 1 0 1
P.E 11 Self-Testing Activities 2 0 2
NSTP 1 National Service Training Program 3 0 3
31 6 33
Second Semester
Gen Ed 3 Readings in Phil History 3 0 3
Gen Ed 4 Purposive Communication 3 0 3
Math 110 Plane & Spcial Trigonometry 3 0 3 Math100
Drawing 110 Engineering Drawing 2 3 6 2 Drawing100
AMT 120 A/C Materials Construction and Repairs 1 (Non-Metals) 2 6 4
AMT 121 A/C Powerplant 1 (Reciprocating Engines) 3 3 4
AMT 122 A/C Propellers 2 0 2
AMT 123 Air Laws and Civil Air Regulations 2 0 2
Fil 2 Pagbasa at Pagsulat Tungo sa Pananaliksik 3 0 3 FIL1
CM 1 The Creed 1 0 1 CM1
P.E 12 Fundamentals of Rythmic Activities 2 0 2 P.E11
NSTP 2 National Service Training Program 3 0 3 NSTP1
28 15 30  
Math 120 Analytic and Solid Geometry 3 0 3
Gen Ed 5 Mathematics in the Modern World 3 0 3
Comp 1 Basic Computer 3 0 3
9 0 9
First Semester
Gen Ed 6 Science Technology & Society 3 0 3
Math 200 Differential Calculus 4 0 4 Math120
AMT 210 A/C System 3 0 3
AMT 211 A/C Fuels and Lubricants 2 0 2
AMT 212 A/C Electrical System (AC-DC) 2 0 3 AMT121
AMT 213 A/C Materials, Construction and Repairs 2 (Metals) 2 6 4 AMT121
AMT 214 A/C Powerplant 2(Turbine Engines) 3 3 4
Phys 210 Mechanics and Heat (lec) 3 0 3 AMT120
Phys 210 Mechanics and Heat (lab) 3 0 1
CM 3 The Sacraments 1 0 1 CM2
P.E 21 Group Games & Sports/Materials Arts 2 0 2
28 9 30
Second Semester
Gen Ed 7 Ethics 3 0 3
Gen Ed 8 Environmental Science 3 0 3
Math 220 Integral Calculus 4 0 4
AMT 221 A/C Instrument(Fixed/Rotary Wing) 2 3 3
AMT 222 Powerplant Overhaul and Troubleshooting 2 3 3 AMT120
AMT 223 A/C Maintenance, Inspection, Repair and Servicing 3 3 4
AMT 224 A/C Operation and Maintenance (RW) 2 0 2
AMT 225 A/C System Overhaul Trouble Shooting 2 3 3
Phys 220 Sound, Light, Elec and Magnetism(lec) 3 0 3
Phys 220 Sound, Light, Elec and Magnetism(leb) 0 3 1
CM 4 Bible Study 1 0 1 CM3
P.E 22 Recreational Activities 2 0 2 P.E21
27 15 32
Upon completion of the first two years of the course, the student will be conferred the certificate of Associate in Aircraft MaintenanceTechnology, provided he/she has undergone 2,400 hours ON THE JOB TRAINING in a CAAP Approved Maintenance Organization.
First Semester
Gen Ed 9 The Enterpreneurial Mind 3 0 3
Gen Ed 10 Great Books 3 0 3
Mech 310 Engineering Mechanic 5 0 5
Research 1 Thesis Writing 1 2 0 3
STAT Statistics 2 0 3
HRD Human Resource Devt. 3 0 3
AMT 310 Thermodynamics 3 0 3
AMT 311 Intro To Rocket Propulsion System 2 0 2
23 0 25
Second Semester
Gen Ed 11 Art Appreciation 3 0 3
Gen Ed 12 Life & Works of Rizal 3 0 3
Mech 320 Strength of Materials 3 0 3 Mech310
Research 2 Thesis Writing 2 2 0 3 Research1
Polsci Phil. Gov’t with Constitution 2 0 3
AMT 320 Fundamentals of Aerodynamics 3 0 3
AMT 321 Maint. Plng .& Prod control 3 0 3
AMT 322 A/c Mechanical Processes 3 3 4 Phys/Chem
AMT 323 A/C Eng’g Analysis & Repair 2 3 3 AMT213
AMT 324 A/C Accident Investigation 2 0 2
26 6 30
AMT 411 Subsonic Aerodynamic 3 0 3
AMT 412 Structure1 3 0 3
6 0 6
First Semester
AMT 420 A/C Structure  2 3 0 3
AMT 421 Supersonic 3 0 3
6 0 6
Second Semester
AMT422 OJT/Practicum 0 0 6
Upon completion of the four-year course, the student will be conferred the degree in Bachelor of Science in Aircraft Maintenance Technology provided he/she has indergone 1,200 hours ON THE JOB TRAINING in a CAAP Approved Maintenance Organization.

Airline Management

Airline Management is a comprehensive program concerned with the safe handling of passengers and their properties, like baggage and cargo, as well as the efficient and effective management and operation of flights across the airways of the world.

The program speaks of complete, relevant, and updated subject that conform to the needs of the aviation industry. Beside the basic higher education requirements on English, natural and social sciences, the Airline Management curriculum includes subjects like marketing, ticketing, reservations, air cargo, cabin attendancy, catering, weight and balance, personality development, history of aviation and world geography on the commercial aspect of the course and subjects like meteorology, navigational aids, air laws, air safety, airport/airline operations on the technical side.

Aviation Technology Major in Flying

IAU’s Bachelor of Science in Aviation Technology Major in Flying (BSAT) is a comprehensive pilot training program prescriptive of the Commission on Higher Education’s (CHEd) curricular mandate and the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP). This translates to transformative holistic learning as the program integrates general education, aircraft maintenance and research courses designed not only to equip students with a thorough knowledge of the workings of an aircraft but also to develop fully their multi-potentialities.

Non-degree pilot training programs are also offered such as: (1) Private Pilot Ground Course; (2) Commercial Pilot Ground Course; (3) Instrument Rating; (4) Multi-Engine Rating; and (5) Pilot Instructor Courses. So, students who are­­ interested to pursue flying have the option to enroll in a bachelor’s degree or non-degree pilot training programs.

In keeping true to its mission of enabling a positive learning climate for the learners, the University provides state-of-the art facilities, amenities, and equipment. Among these are 2 fully CAAP approved flight simulators, a virtual aerodrome, 7 aircraft simulation design consoles, a speech laboratory, 5 Cessna 150’s, 2 Cessna 172’s, 1 Piper Aztec Multi-engine,  air-conditioned classrooms and a 3.5 hectare fully owned hangar and taxiway.  We also have our own CAAP Approved Maintenance facility to ensure our fleet are maintained in accordance to the safety procedures of the authority and the manufacturers.

Hence, graduates and completers of the BSAT and non-degree programs can tread on different career pathways and job opportunities such as airline flight crew, charter pilot, aerial spray pilot, corporate pilot, airline ground crew, air traffic controller and military/police service.

So what’s our edge among the other flying schools? In IAU, the sky is not just the limit. It is vision in action in the service of the world.



The Bachelor of Science in Avionics Technology program is a four-year intensive program specially designed to provide proficiency in modern and sophisticated aviation electronics systems found on commercial, military, corporate and private aircrafts.

Download Avionics CurriculumDownload Avionics Curriculum

The Diploma in Professional Education is designed to meet the educational requirements of non-education graduates who are entering a teaching career.  A student has to complete a minimum requirement of 30 professional units in Education, including Practicum or Student teaching.  This program is designed also to prepare the prospective teacher to teach either in the Elementary or High School level depending upon his field of specialization.  Completion of this special program qualifies the graduate to take the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) which is administered by the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC).

Download Diploma in Professional Education Curriculum

Download Diploma in Professional Education Curriculum

The Bachelor of Elementary Education is an academic degree which prepares the graduate as a teacher in the pre-school, primary and intermediate levels of education (K-6).  The program is designed to provide prospective teachers with the basic knowledge and skills, teaching methods, approaches and strategies they need to teach young children.  Aside from taking the general education curriculum, students will have to complete their field studies and practicum or student teaching to meet the requirements for graduation.  Moreover, this also includes training to teach all or most of the elementary education subjects.  Completion of this four-year course degree qualifies the graduate to take the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET).

Download Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education CurriculumDownload BS Elementary Education Curriculum

Hotel and Restaurant Management

Our Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management program covers the professional training and supervision in the management of hotels, restaurants and  related establishments.

This program deals with the development of the necessary technical and knowledge as well as formation of desirable attitude for those interested in the operation of commercial/institutional and lodging facilities.

Embodied in the program are subjects which will address the needs of the different sectors of the industry such culinary, front office, events management, tourism.

Hotel and Restaurant Management

Hotel and Restaurant Management

Hotel and Restaurant Management

Download Hotel and Restaurant Management CurriculumDownload Hotel and Restaurant Management Curriculum

The Bachelor of Secondary Education, major in Math or English, is a degree awarded to  students who have successfully completed the four-year course of study in the field of Math or English.  The program provides students with a curriculum which is enriched with more Math or English subjects and pedagogical theories and communication techniques and methodologies that are related to their field of specialization.  Moreover, it seeks to train students to become effective and efficient Math or English teachers for both Junior and Senior high school levels of education.  Furthermore, students are also required to complete their field studies and practicum or student teaching under  the supervision of an education professional.  Completion of this degree qualifies the graduate to take the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET).

Download Secondary Education Major in Math CurriculumDownload BS Secondary Education (Major in Math)

Download Secondary Education Major in English CurriculumDownload BS Secondary Education (Major in English)

Tourism and Travel Management

The Bachelor of Science in Tourism and Travel Management is a comprehensive program that deals with products and services offered to the activities of persons travelling to and staying in places outside their usual domicile. Students are exposed to the different facets of the tourism industry such as travel, hotel, resorts, wellness, leisure, events and destination management.

Download Tourism and Travel Management CurriculumDownload Tourism and Travel Management Curriculum