IAU Upgrades Flight Simulator

Precision Flight Controls-C2Pro BATD-Cat III

Precision Flight Controls-C2Pro BATD-Cat III


Good news to the Aviation Majors and student pilots: the upgraded flight simulator is now fully operational at the College of Aviation’s flight simulator room!

The flight simulator was acquired years ago but recently it was upgraded for the pilot students to expose themselves in the simulation of real aircraft scenarios. The machine replicates flight so realistically that serves as ground training for future pilots.

“Recently we upgraded it so we could be able to simulate as close as [the] real aircraft scenario,” quipped Captain Marc Aaron Uy, College of AVT Department Head.

Unlike last time the flight simulator is upgraded from single yoke to dual yoke to stimulate real aircraft experience where the Pilot-in-Command (PIC) has final authority over the flight. The PIC decides who will fly the aircraft and be able to share the responsibilities with their copilots by switching places with them periodically.

Capt. Uy also added that “the newly upgraded flight simulator is capable of any terrain and could simulate aircraft carrier landings”.

The newly upgraded flight simulator is capable to simulate not only just small aircrafts but also larger ones because of the double yoke which makes it more realistic and manageable.

The upgraded flight simulator includes a full cockpit and has five monitors which could make your flight experience more realistic. The flight simulator could view as much as 180 degrees with its new monitors in place. It also contains advanced aircraft instruments and a moveable base that makes flights seem incredibly realistic.


By: Jethro Mark T. Romero, BSAMT4

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