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The Bachelor of Science in Airline Management is a comprehensive four-year college degree program that will produce competent professionals in safely handling passengers and their properties, baggage, and cargo in air travel and efficient and effective management and operation of flights across the world’s airways.

This program provides complete, relevant, and updated courses and areas of study that conform to the needs of the aviation and air travel industry. Students will be immersed in a holistic and integral fusion of theoretical, technical, and practical knowledge to prepare them to become well-rounded professionals who will excel in a service-oriented careers.

This degree program offers graduates the opportunity to be essential and organic front liners in airports and air travel channels, promising an inspiring and fulfilling career in a service-based transportation economy. A career in airline management truly offers an extraordinary experience of everyday life spent in service and dedication to excellence in providing service and comfort to tourists and travelers to reach their destinations and families.

The graduates of this degree program will become competent in the following areas of Airline Management.

  • Principles of Management
  • History of Aviation and World Geography
  • Airline Ticketing Procedures
  • Theory of Flight
  • Air Laws and Civil Air Regulations
  • Flight Attendant and Cabin Services
  • Airline Sales Principles and Practices
  • F & B Service & Management
  • Aviation Safety and Airline Emergency Procedures and Practices
  • Computer Reservation System
  • Fund of Accounting
  • Partnership and Accounting
  • Corporation Accounting
  • Cargo Handling Packaging and Warehouse
  • Airport and Airline Opt and Practices
  • Food & Beverage and Catering Services
  • Basic Weight Balance
  • Air Traffic Control Management
  • Airline Business Organization and Management
  • International Trade
  • Aids to Air Nav and Airways Operations
  • Flight Control Operation and Aircraft Management
  • Quality Control in Airline Operation
  • Financial Management of Aircraft and Airline Operation

Graduates of this degree program undergo a holistic and well-rounded theoretical and practical education with all the courses of specialization and general education that will equip the graduates with the necessary competencies and character-building that will prepare them to a life of service and a lifelong commitment to making ordinary things extraordinary in the field of Airline Management.



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