Aerospace Engineering R&D Team launch Teresa 3 Analog 1 Rocket

“3…2…1… ! ☄ , ”✨ Teresa III Analog I and II were successfully launched last June 2 by the IAU AE-Research and Development Team. The crew demonstrated reusable rocket technology by relaunching Teresa III Analog I at 0932H and safely retrieving it, accumulating datasets that will be used for future rocket launches. Teresa III Analog II rocket was launched at 1100H with the purpose of testing the deployment of a Can Satellite as a payload at a higher altitude which was successfully deployed and recovered. The final phase of the Teresa III rocket’s development will make use of the data gathered by the payload. The team’s success in achieving a maximum apogee of 1,550 feet while simultaneously gathering all of the data telemetry from the two analog rockets was evidence that the rocket demonstration succeeded in its intended goal, marking another milestone for the Aerospace Engineering Students at Indiana Aerospace University. A prevalent display of how rockets may propel forward and inspire fellow Aerospacers that anything is achievable with hard work and devotion. The AE Research and Development team would like to thank the IAU Administration for the unwavering support. The Municipality of Medellin led by Mayor Joven Mondigo Jr., local government organizations PNP, MDRRM, DPWH, BFP and Brgy. Captain Imelda for enabling us to conduct our rocket launches safely. The final installment of the Teresa III rocket development awaits! Stay tuned for the momentous rocket lift-off that will leave you in awe. Let’s explore the cosmos together and envision a time when the universe’s limits serve as our playground. #IAUAERND #TERESARisingtotheStars #LaunchBeyondLimits #SYAE