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I am genuinely grateful to God Almighty for guiding me to Indiana Aerospace University!

I want to express my gratitude to the Indiana Aerospace University (IAU) for being a blessing in my life and the lives of many others. The wisdom shared in Proverbs 11:25 holds true: “The one who blesses others is abundantly blessed; those who help others are helped.”

I am genuinely grateful to God Almighty for guiding me to Indiana Aerospace University, where my dreams have become a reality, and I have become a Licensed Professional Teacher. The support and care provided by the university’s Board of Trustees have been invaluable to me and my family.

I sincerely thank the administration, my mentors, and all the teaching and non-teaching staff. Your generosity, encouragement, and wise counsel have significantly shaped me into the best version of myself as both a teacher and an individual.

Being granted the opportunity to become the pioneer student in the Education Department and the First Scholar of the Ricardo Cardinal J. Vidal Scholarship Program has undoubtedly been the most significant turning point in my life. It has been my gateway to a lifetime of achievements and success, a journey I am proud to share with my beloved family.

During a recent visit to the campus, I was overwhelmed by a flood of cherished memories. As I walked through its grounds, I couldn’t help but recall the remarkable moments we had experienced there. One memory that made me smile was when we planted trees and etched our names upon them, leaving an enduring mark of our presence. The campus was a picture of serenity and beauty, enveloped by the School Chapel, allowing us to meditate and immerse ourselves in nature simultaneously.

As I contemplate my journey, my heart swells with gratitude. I am Marjorie Cosido Marca, a graduate of the Bachelor of Secondary Education-Major in Math (Class of 2002), a #ProudAerospacer, and forever be appreciative to my esteemed Alma Mater, Indiana Aerospace University.

Inclusion and Wellbeing Coordinator (Pre KG to KG2)
Indian International School Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Graduating amid COVID-19 has caused a big turn on my career path. The pandemic crashed the aviation industry, and pursuing my passion for becoming an aircraft mechanic was hard.

I was exposed to different sectors to be productive while waiting for restrictions to be lifted. I even got a hospitality job where I had customer service experience. It was this random night at my workplace wherein I was scrolling through my phone and saw their job posting and decided to apply, hoping to get an email invite. Despite my insecurities, I pushed through and showed the best I could present myself. Since being accepted, I promised never to give up until fate told me to stop.

From what happened, I realized that you will only know what will happen once you try. I believe the Almighty God has a plan for you. Keep pushing! And hopefully, soon, more of us will be painting the skies yellow.

Bachelor of Science in Aircraft Maintenance Technology
Batch Irrevocable 2020
“Some people say the sky is the limit, but for us, we make it our home.” Living the life of a Flight Steward humbles me, reminiscing the days I was once an aspiring Cabin Crew even though I aspire to become an aircraft mechanic. It all started with a thought of “what if,” and then I tried applying on an open day; luckily, my destiny aligned on my first try. I was one step closer to a new journey yet to unfold, and then training days came; it was spontaneous and rigid. Those sleepless nights, daily exams, emergency drills, and even competency checks did not hinder me from achieving my goal of becoming a cabin crew that made me who I am today. As the saying goes, diamonds are formed under immense pressure, and only those with the resilience to withstand it can truly shine like one. I have been flying with Philippine Airlines Express for eight months; it was not an easy journey, but it was all worth it.
Beyond the workplace are amazing people you will meet from different walks of life, and daily routines will turn into passion. Living as a cabin crew will sometimes be different on a day-to-day basis; each flight is a different set of crew and passengers that will mold you to embody the traits of the Philippine Airline Express Cabin Crew.
To those who aspire to become cabin crew members, take action and make it happen. Follow your dreams and take every risk. In the end, it will always be worth it. Do not be discouraged by the rejections but let this be a fuel of inspiration to reach your goals. I want to thank my alma mater Indiana Aerospace University for giving me wings to fly. I am Alexander N. Acierto of
Bachelor of Science in Aircraft Maintenance Technology
Class of 2022
“Never think less of what you’re capable of, and earn wings with the one who embodies the Heart of the Filipino” I was once a dreamer; I was once someone who said, “what if” I’ll be like them, what if I’ll walk at the airport head tall and everyone watching me as I walk, what if I’ll do the safety demo in front of a hundred passengers, what if I get to travel for free, what if work doesn’t seem like work, what if I’ll become a Philippine Airlines express cabin crew. Did that stagnate into a “what if”? It did not because I visualized what I wanted to become. I believed in myself when everyone said I could not, supported myself when everyone seemed not to be helping, conquered, studied hard, and, most importantly, asked for guidance from my family and God.
As a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering graduate, I never thought I’d be capable and fit the job description of a flight steward, being bullied before by my weight, complexion, and even my braces. I thought before cabin crew was all about glam and elegance (but I was wrong). Being a cabin crew doesn’t only talk about being glamorous; being a head-turner. Still, it talks about being a safety officer in flight, it talks about becoming a first aider, and it’s about not just being presentable but also always ready in every emergency. It’s about being responsive and sensitive to the needs of your passengers, being aware of the safety guidelines and features of the aircraft, and simply being in charge of everyone in the cabin as well as their safety, security, and need for service. As an aerospace engineer, I never thought jargon used in technicality would be tackled as a cabin crew; I did find my bachelor’s very helpful as the terms used were not new to my ears. I’m already well-informed and knowledgeable about the specifics of the aircraft. Was my bachelor’s degree as an Aerospace Engineer help in paving and becoming a flight steward? YES! But was the journey easy? I will tell you it was not, BUT IT WAS ALL WORTH IT! It was not a win-win for me; I also got rejected on my first try, but did I stop pursuing the things I wanted? I did not; I made myself better; I figured out the factors that need improvement because you may not get it on your first, not your second. But who knows what will happen if you easily give up on your third? One piece of advice I can give, if you believe, you will achieve. And never be tired of chasing what your heart beats for; strive hard and continue improving yourself daily. I have been flying with Philippine Airlines Express for nine months now, all I can say is thank you, especially for a very healthy environment, and it taught me a lot of things, and one thing for sure is to be grateful; you will meet people who share cheers, joy and even sadness. But every day, I’m glad to be a part of their trip and bring them safely and happily to their destination.
To all aspirants, be passionate enough to acquire your dreams and visions; if you are passionate and determined, everything will fall into place. Believe in yourself cause when the time comes that no one will believe in you, who else will? Support yourself, and double your efforts. Stay humble and have a good attitude. And most importantly, have faith and ask guidance from God, pray about your worries, ask for strength, and never give up. The journey will not be easy; sleepless nights, your routine will be different, but it will all be worth it. Without God, family, friends, batch-mates (B118-22), and my alma mater, this would be impossible. I want to take this chance to be grateful to everyone who has helped me reach what I am today. Especially Indiana Aerospace University (IAU) for fueling my drive and passion for becoming one. And, of course, Philippine Airlines Express for seeing the potential in me and rewarding me with wings to fly. Thank you all! This is Joseph Martin II H. Lua your flight steward of Batch PIRMERO. Mabuhay! Flying with you all soon! Where we make the sky your home.
Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering
Batch Pirmero 2022

When I was a child, I knew I wanted to fly. I’ve always imagined working in the Airline industry-gracing, the airport halls, flying to places, and meeting different people.

After I graduated college, I got my first job as a passenger service agent in international airline companies such as Asiana Airlines and Silkair. Later, I was trained as a load controller for Philippine Airlines and Singapore Airlines. It paved the way for me to deepen my knowledge, hone my skills, and show me the true meaning of customer service. I tried applying to different airlines as a cabin crew but got rejected four times. It was heartbreaking because I prepared and sacrificed a lot, but it did not stop me from trying again. I used the rejections to my advantage since they highlighted what I needed to improve. They motivated me to push the boundaries with my faith in God and trust in His timing. Then the pandemic happened, which took a toll on the aviation industry. It was as if the world stopped at its feet, which almost caused me to believe that my goal to become a cabin crew was out of reach.

Thankfully, the industry could carry on, and the skies cleared again. So, I took every opportunity there was to apply for cabin crew. It was a significant risk, but I’m happy I was accepted. It was not an easy flight, but it was all worth it. To all cabin crew aspirants, take the risk and believe in yourself. Claim your goal as if it is already yours. See things as a learning process, and whenever you feel like giving up, remember why you started.


Lourenz G. Arellano
Bachelor of Science in Airline Management
Class of 2016

“We don’t rise to the level of our expectations; we fall to the level of our training.” ― Archilochus.

I grew up a wanderer, eagerly looking for adventure. Growing up, I found myself captivated by the figure of my father, a man whose passion for aviation was palpable. Although he had been unable to pursue his dream of becoming a pilot due to medical reasons, his love for flight endures. Instead of piloting real planes, he turned to remote-controlled airplanes as his gateway to the skies. He spent his weekends flying these nitro-powered RC planes and saw him perform aerobatics with those flying toys. Witnessing these as a young child was an honor and an absolute delight.

From a young age, I was intensely eager to learn about initiative, cultural awareness, leadership, and teamwork. To cultivate these qualities, I actively participated in various camps, which provided enjoyable training experiences and fostered a sense of brotherhood that would endure for a lifetime.

Upon my admission to Indiana Aerospace University, I harbored doubts regarding our ability to secure the necessary financial support for me to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Technology. Given the costs associated with flying, my family couldn’t afford to fund my aviation aspirations. Consequently, I enrolled in a BS in Aircraft Maintenance Technology instead. However, this alternative path continued my enthusiasm. During those years, I dedicated myself to personal growth by engaging in gym workouts, Parkour lessons, and training in MMA at Mactan Combat Sports.

Additionally, I served the Church as a Bass Vocalist of the IAU Male Chorale. Furthermore, I actively participated in the Advance Reserve Officer Training Corps, an experience that substantially shaped my character. During this period, there was a significant focus on honing my leadership skills, introducing tactical knowledge, and warmly embracing me into the esteemed profession of arms. In 2015, our class, “Kampilan,” proudly graduated as the pioneering class.

These formative experiences and diverse pursuits have significantly contributed to the person I am today, instilling a strong sense of leadership, resilience, and a passion for personal and professional growth.

2016 I proudly graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Aircraft Maintenance Technology. Following graduation, I pursued the necessary licensure and applied as a Candidate Soldier in the Philippine Air Force. However, the Limited Physical Examination dealt a devastating blow to my dreams, leading to denial and subsequent return back home. Despite the disappointment, I mustered the strength to return to my hometown and embark on the recovery journey.

Surprisingly, the PAFHRMC (Philippine Air Force Human Resource Management Center) called to inform me that I qualify for a retake exam due to the potential inclusion of the POTC CL-2018 (Philippine Air Force Officer Candidate Course Class 2018). It was an opportunity to redeem myself for not taking the first exam seriously. This unexpected turn of events gave me hope, and I embraced the chance to prove myself. I diligently prepared, took the retake exam, and successfully passed, securing my place in the class.

After undergoing six months of rigorous training at the PAFOCS (Philippine Air Force Officer Candidate School) in AETDC (Air Education, Training, and Doctrine Command), throughout this challenging journey, I found solace in my faith as Christ guided me toward something more significant.

I am currently assigned to the 15th Strike Wing, and I firmly believe there is always more to learn and achieve as an officer and military pilot. I approach my responsibilities humbly, recognizing that continuous growth and development are essential in my chosen profession.

A French Rafale pilot once said, “What makes a pilot is the humility to think everybody else is better than him. There is a Dichotomy where you have to be extremely self-confident to be in charge of an aircraft like that, yet you have to be extremely humble because you know you don’t know everything, and you have to emphasize a beginner mindset at all times.”


Bachelor of Science in Aircraft Maintenance Technology
Class of 2016

My childhood dream of becoming a pilot faced financial hurdles when I learned how expensive it is to be one. Unable to afford pilot training, I pursued a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering, intending to pursue flying later. The turning point came during my 5th year in college, coinciding with the Marawi Siege. Motivated to contribute, I joined the Philippine Air Force, momentarily setting aside my aviation dream. After years of training, fate intervened, and I achieved my childhood dream: this time as a military pilot, seamlessly combining my passion for flying with a sense of duty to serve my country.

The surge of patriotism I felt while watching the Marawi Siege on television became the driving force behind my decision to pursue a career as a military pilot. Witnessing the challenges faced by my fellow countrymen during that critical period sparked a profound sense of duty and commitment to serve our nation.

The most significant milestone in my military career was the day that I graduated from military pilot training. It marked the fulfillment of my childhood dream and paved the way for me to reach another achievement: flying over our own house.

My Aerospace Engineering degree laid the essential groundwork for my current success. The knowledge and values acquired during my five years in college were crucial in navigating the demanding training that brought me to where I am today. I wouldn’t have chosen a different path, as my educational background has been instrumental in my personal and professional growth.
Being a military pilot presents its unique set of challenges. As someone deeply devoted to cherishing moments spent with family, being away for long periods and missing special family occasions pose a genuine struggle. Despite the inherent difficulties, the knowledge that my family takes pride in my achievements instills a profound sense of purpose and resilience within me.

To all Aerospacers, as you embark on this path, remember to stay focused on your goals, never lose sight of your dreams, and continue to push yourself beyond your limits. Strive to be a role model for aspiring aviators and uphold the values of integrity, discipline, and respect in everything you do.


Air Force Pilot
Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering
Class of 2016