The IAU Press believes publication is instrumental in facilitating a holistic teaching-learning experience as we thrive in the knowledge economy.  Moreover, we commit to develop authentic outcomes-based instructional materials and creative works that enshrine the University’s philosophy and values; adhere to the copyright and intellectual property laws of the country and be on par with international publication standards and practices.

IAU sends Team for National Workshop on Module Writing and Publication

On November 18-20, 2017 a team of professors namely Dr. Eugene E. Toring, Dr. Kimberly N. Toring, Dr. Nonita P. Legaspi, Dr. Giovanni I. Legaspi, Prof. Christian Ray C. Licen and Engr. Rene S. Pono were sent for the Philippine Pedagogical Institute’s (PPI) National Seminar-Workshop on Module Writing and Publication at the Hotel Supreme Convention Plaza, Magsaysay Avenue, Baguio City. For three days, they were introduced to the principles in materials development and design,the process of publishing learning materials and the basic rights and responsibilities of authors and publishers. Prof. Cheche Suarez of Ateneo de Manila University and CHED national trainer and textbook author, Dr. Elineth Elizabeth Suarez, served as the speakers.

At the seminar, the team successfully launched IAU’s pedagogical framework for module/textbook writing based on Outcomes-Based Education (OBE) standards upon the advice of Dr. Suarez. It consists of the following: Desired Learning Outcomes, Buckling Up (Introduction/Motivation), Flying Straight and Level (Lesson Proper), Approaching the Ground (Formative Assessment/Practice), Air Pocket (Exercises), Hurdling Turbulence (Summative Evaluation), Airmen’s Learning Logbook (Reflection/Insights), References and Suggested Readings. The framework is reflective of aviation-related terms that amplify the University’s flagship program.

Ed Board conducts echo seminar on Module Writing and Publication

On January 24, 2018 Dr. Nonita P. Legaspi and Prof. Christian Ray C. Licen, members of the editorial board, conducted a whole-day echo seminar on module/textbook writing in the Speech and Language Centrum.  Twelve faculty members attended the training and thereafter inked the memorandum of agreement with Dr. Nonita P. Legaspi after discussing the terms and conditions.Among them who pledged to write the modules with the corresponding working titles are: Prof. Mario Villanueva (Total Quality Management in the Philippine Hospitality Industry); Prof. Mark Panugaling (Media and Information Literacy: Setting Trends for Quality 21st Century Education); Prof. Jason Baguio (Introduction to Qualitative Research in Context); Prof. Lolita Puray and Prof. Juanito Napil (Contemporary Mathematics); Prof. Flordeliza Illustrisimo (Pilot Instructor’s Rating Course); Prof. Vicente Barina (Food and Beverage); Engr. Rene Pono (Theory of Flight); Prof. Edgar Taghoy (Philosophy of Man) and Dr. Giovanni Legaspi (Introduction to Research for College).

The University’s pedagogical framework and the mechanics of module writing were also introduced by Dr. Legaspi. In the afternoon, Prof. Licen reviewed the writing process and tackled IAU’s Ethical Framework emphasizing on avoiding plagiarism, copyright infringement, and academic integrity. Prof. Mark Panugaling, an author himself, also shared some practical tips of advice on the nitty-gritty of publication. The training concluded at 4:30 PM. The launching of the first batch of modules is set in June in time for the opening of classes.