Online Enrollment

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A.  Login to

B.  Type in your Student ID Number, password and press Login.

C.  Press on to the Enroll Menu and select the subject(s) you want to take this coming semester.  Whenever you choose a subject, please do not forget to press INCLUDE NOW button.

*prioritize the major subjects in your year level then followed by minor subjects.  You are allowed to enroll more than the required number of units for the this semester.

D.  After finalizing all desired subjects, press RESERVE SELECTED SUBJECTS NOW button.

E.  Send a copy of your proof of payment to or you may send a screenshot to the IAU Official Facebook Page

* write your full name, student ID no., course, and purpose of payment.

F.  Upon receipt of your proof of payment, the accounting office will then credit and post it into your account.

* please be informed that the lead time for posting of account normally takes 1-2 banking days.

G.  A notification will be sent to your registered email address as  confirmation of your enrollment.