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Indiana Aerospace University is happy to reminisce its early beginnings in 1992 when had only 2 small buildings that served its few college students in its old campus.  It was formerly named Indiana School of Aeronautics, which, from the start, has been blessed. 

Although it offered only airline related courses, it attracted many other young people in due time, men especially, to nurture their interest in aeronautics because there was only one other school in Lapulapu City offering such courses.

With extraordinary foresight, its President and Founder, Dr. Jovenal B. Toring, took great risks to see the young students’ dream become a reality.  True, it was almost next to impossible to acquire technical facilities, but Dr. Toring was never discouraged even when his efforts were insignificant, for years even when all odds were against him.

As Lapulapu City became more industralized and populated, there grew a need to offer also basic education.  Even if it started with only a handful of pupils in Kindergarten and only three(3) in the High School, the school opened its doors to welcome pupils and their parents who put their trust in what the school had to offer.

A large three-storey building was soon constructed in the school year 1995-1996 to accommodate the dramatic increase in enrolment in the Elementary and High School departments as it received Government Recognition.

And, as if that was not enough, it began to be registered in a new name, INDIANA AEROSPACE UNIVERSITY (IAU). This academic center had to grow and it soon made necessary adjustments where the focus of these changes has always been the school’s student body, in an ongoing effort to best meet their needs and create an environment that is as nurturing for learning as possible. Thus, in the school year 2000-2001, IAU moved to a larger campus, not so far away from its old campus, where at the very heart of this sprawling 15-hectare campus, is a chapel.

St. Therese Chapel has been contributing a great deal in making IAU a school of heart, as well as head.  Here, students are motivated and encouraged to do the right thing regardless of the consequences.  By inspiring the pursuit of moral and intellectual excellence, IAU has prepared young people to have fulfilling lives of perpetual discovery.

Teachers pray together with their students in this chapel as they seek to inspire the happy, healthy, and holy life that God wants them to live.  They want their students to graduate prepared to commit themselves to the mission of making this world a much better place.

IAU continues to attract and retain a faculty equipped with outstanding skills and who are fully dedicated to the development of their students.  They possess a thorough knowledge of their subject matter and work to foster their students’ intellectual, emotional and moral development.  In addition to their duties as teachers, advisors, club leaders, coaches or committee members,  IAU Faculty members systematically take time for their own professional growth.  They have been pursuing their graduate studies aside from their attendance to seminars.

We live in a remarkable time, facing a future in which our global society engages us with its diversity, creativity and new models of living and learning.  As we use the tools of technology to explore the depths of the Information Age and better understand our world, we also prepare our students to be creative citizens and leaders in our rapidly-changing world.

IAU has deepened ties among its students, teachers, administrators, alumni, families and the large community.

We at Indiana, our vision will go beyond the horizon. We will continue to soar higher, we will fly farther.

Let us fly high and soar high in Indiana!


Indiana Aerospace University is a Higher Educational Institution (HEI) which adheres to the strict quality standards established by different government agencies. IAU is also a certified and recognized school by the Civil Aviation Authority.