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“It’s all about the New Generation Aerospacer,”

 quips Mdm. Eulalia O. Cayude, MA.Ed., Basic Ed Principal, when interviewed on what makes Indiana Aerospace University’s Senior High programs different from the rest. 

 IAU envisions the New Generation Aerospacer to propel their dreams further, explore unchartered territories of their personal self, transcend in the midst of rapid change, and live harmoniously with the self, others, the world, and God. It is basically striking a balance in all aspects of human life.

Flight Simulators for Hybrid STEM

Aircraft Lab for Hybrid STEM

Complete Kitchen Facilities

Hotel Front Office Facility

Speech Laboratory

As the largest and leading institution of Aerospace studies in the Asia-Pacific, IAU is on the go to advance the caliber of education in the country. Both Basic Ed and College departments have been training its faculty to equip them further with the 21st-century skills which set the foundations of the nationwide educational reforms. The Administration on their end has been incessantly forging ties and linkages with airline and its allied industries and has also been upgrading its facilities and services in keeping true to its mission of delivering quality education to the community. For this reason, IAU is more than excited to welcome aboard the New Generation Aerospacer!

Admission is now going on with the following requirements:

      • Clear photocopy of Birth Certificate (NSO Authenticated).
      • Original copy of Form 138 (Progress Report Card).
      • Original copy of Certificate of Good Moral Character.
      • NCAE Examination result.
      • Two (2) copies of 1” x 1” and 2” x 2” color pictures with blue background.
      • Entrance exam.
      • Interview.

For inquiries, talk to us (32) 238-6073 / 505-7445 / 238-5128 or email us at,