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Major in Administration and Supervision (Non-Thesis Program)

Program Description:

The Master in Education, major in Administration and Supervision is an academic degree which is designed to prepare the prospective graduate as an academic leader in an institution of learning which offers basic education or as an instructor in the tertiary level of education.  The program provides the student with knowledge, competencies, value and practical skills required in managing a school or establishment effectively and efficiently and for the pursuit of further studies.  After completing all course requirements, the student takes the comprehensive examination.  Moreover, a culminating experience with Action Plan or Project Paper is required to complete the course.

Career Opportunities:

There will be a growing demand for school heads or administrators as enrollment is expected to swell due to the implementation of the K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum.  Some graduates of this course can also be hired as College Instructors in both public and private Higher Education Institutions.  Other career opportunities include: authors, journalists, call center agents, managers in any establishments and many more.

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