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  1. Do you have any scholarship offered for these school year? May I know how to apply and what are the basis?

  2. Gentlemen, I am currently attending Ramon Teves Pastor Memorial – Dumaguete Science High School. I would like to attend Indiana Aerospace University, starting the 2021/2022 term, and study Aerospace Technology-Major in Flying Program. Aeronautics and flying have always been my passion, and i find that your institution is best suited for my post-high school education. I have contacted the institution to inquire regarding the fees for the entire program which are approximately 39,000 dollars US, not including room and board. I have saved 28,000 pesos working as a design engineer for a US engineering firm, but my family is unable to provide the additional amount of money for my tuition. Therefore, I am requesting scholarship information for this major.

  3. Hi, I’m Stephanie De Leon. I’m looking for a scholarship because I want to become a pilot but I don’t want my parents to spend that much that’s why I’m here

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