“Some people say the sky is the limit, but for us, we make it our home.” Living the life of a Flight Steward humbles me, reminiscing the days I was once an aspiring Cabin Crew even though I aspire to become an aircraft mechanic. It all started with a thought of “what if,” and then I tried applying on an open day; luckily, my destiny aligned on my first try. I was one step closer to a new journey yet to unfold, and then training days came; it was spontaneous and rigid. Those sleepless nights, daily exams, emergency drills, and even competency checks did not hinder me from achieving my goal of becoming a cabin crew that made me who I am today. As the saying goes, diamonds are formed under immense pressure, and only those with the resilience to withstand it can truly shine like one. I have been flying with Philippine Airlines Express for eight months; it was not an easy journey, but it was all worth it.
Beyond the workplace are amazing people you will meet from different walks of life, and daily routines will turn into passion. Living as a cabin crew will sometimes be different on a day-to-day basis; each flight is a different set of crew and passengers that will mold you to embody the traits of the Philippine Airline Express Cabin Crew.
To those who aspire to become cabin crew members, take action and make it happen. Follow your dreams and take every risk. In the end, it will always be worth it. Do not be discouraged by the rejections but let this be a fuel of inspiration to reach your goals. I want to thank my alma mater Indiana Aerospace University for giving me wings to fly. I am Alexander N. Acierto of