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IAU Charter Service Provider Ormoc Air is now fully operational and ready to serve

Indiana Aerospace University’s (IAU) charter service provider Ormoc Air is now fully operational and ready to serve the community in terms of aerial tours, medical evacuation, and logistical transportation services for clients who wish to go to specific regions in the country that cannot be reached by major airlines. #FlyOrmocAir

College Department Midterm Exam schedule will be on October 24-29

Heads up, Aerospacers! College Department Midterm Exam schedule will be on October 24-29, as per Memorandum No. 31, series of 2022, released and signed by the Dean of all Colleges and the University’s CEO. Hence, please settle your account and secure your permit before the examination dates as the school will be closing the Altimeter and you will not be able to take the exam. – Shall be conducted at home through Altimeter – Laboratory courses shall be conducted through In-Person Please be guided accordingly. Stay healthy and productive everyone. #MidtermExam #FlyHighSoarHigh

IAU 30th Founding Anniversary

This year’s slogan, “Heading 30,” takes inspiration from a compass-like aircraft instrument called the directional gyro. As one of the critical systems in a piston-powered aircraft, it indicates the direction the plane is heading. Indiana Aerospace University vehemently believes that the only way forward is to move forward as speedy and as accurate as the directional gyro. Hence, on its 30th Founding Anniversary, IAU goes to great lengths in aligning its academic endeavors in the areas of flight training, academic instruction, research and development, and community extension services with local, regional, and global standards. In IAU, we ace with pace!

IAU Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Unit

The IDRRMU conducted its first School Based DRRM Orientation at the Aerospacer’s Hall on October 14, 2022. Participants were from the officers coming from the different departmental and institutionalized organizations, who were able to attain the basic knowledge of Disaster Risk Reduction and Management. The facilitators were able to impart and demonstrate basic medical first aid such as types of lifting, bandaging and CPR which are essential during medical emergencies. The student leaders that attended the orientation were evaluated after the demonstration by stations. To the student leaders, the IDRRMU appreciates your active participation in the said event with our hopes that you may apply all the skills and knowledge that you have learned. #IAU #IAUDRRMU #Aerospacer #SavedToServe

IAU wins 1st Philippine Aviation Research Conference, Published papers in Scopus-indexed journals

At the first Philippine Aviation Research Conference (PARC) held virtually nationwide on July 14-15, 2022, Indiana Aerospace University (IAU) garnered second place with the research paper entitled “Modeling and simulation of a proposed model rocket design” under the Aerospace/ Aeronautical Engineering Category and “A Structural Equation Modelling approach in evaluating perceived motivation of aviation technology students in using flight simulator” under the Aviation Education category.   The papers were presented by aerospace engineers and faculty Engr. Jeremy S. Bajado and no less than IAU’s Chief Executive Harold E. Toring. Engr. Bajado’s paper aimed at presenting the modeling and simulation results of a proposed high-powered rocket which was designed by a team of aerospace engineers of IAU, as spearheaded by Engr. Bajado himself. Mr. Toring’s paper intended to report a pioneer quantitative evaluation of 225 aviation technology students’ motivation in using flight simulators in an aviation school through the framework Hedonic-Motivation System Adoption Model, of which, results indicate acceptance of flight simulators as an educational tool to speed up the improvement pedagogy and instruction.   Two other papers with the titles “Validation of a Flying Competence Scale for Aircraft Pilots ” and “Evaluation of students’ satisfaction towards an adopted learning management system at Indiana Aerospace University: A Structural Equation Modelling Approach” were presented respectively by the head of Avionics Department Mr. Ranel M. Benatiro and core faculty Prof. Flordeliza B. Illustrisimo. The former emphasized the evaluation of the flying competence of aircraft pilots through a scale that was developed by pilots in IAU, which was approved by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP), while the latter revealed that by using Nguyen’s LMS satisfaction model (with sex and year levels added as moderating variables) results revealed that system content, interaction, and technology quality significantly and positively influenced students’ perceived usefulness of IAU’s Altimeter, the name of its Learning Management System (LMS), which subsequently led to student satisfaction.   Even though the studies presented did not earn a place in the conference, the paper presented by Mr. Benatiro was already published in the Journal of Aerospace Technology and Management, a Scopus-indexed scholarly journal, while the one by Prof. Illustrisimo had been accepted by the Asia-Pacific Management Review, also a Scopus-indexed journal and to be published by Elsiever, a globally renowned publisher of scientific research.   In an interview, CEO Harold Toring could not help but take pride in the University’s performance at the conference and its research endeavors. “Despite the fact that we only finished second place for the two research papers, the experience itself of having to share and contribute to aviation research is a winning moment already,” quipped Mr. Toring, who was very optimistic that the University can do more when it comes to undertaking research and development studies.   He disclosed that research is the currency in this knowledge-driven society adding that “this [IAU’s] is the just the start of the many more research activities that they will be pioneering, especially in this age of vulnerability, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.”   To date, IAU awaits the publication of two more papers in different Scopus-indexed journals.   Bannering under the theme “Sustainability of Philippine Air Transport Amidst the Pandemic”, PARC 2022 is said to be the first national conference on aviation research, as hosted by Philippine State College of Aeronautics in partnership with the PATTS College of Aeronautics and Air Link International Aviation College.

Operation Baybay!!

Last April 23, 2022, in collaboration with other institutions around Cebu and various inside organizations, the team were able to distribute 200 Buckets consisting of various goods and basic necessities, 11 boxes of Clothes and 400 Bottles of 6.6 Liters Water. The relief operations was done in 3 locations at Baybay Leyte.These are the ones that were effected by Typhoon Agaton where families lost their homes and even worst their family members.With the efforts, donors, and by God’s grace, the organizers were able to pull things through and reach victory as many challenges were encountered. The joy, smiles and gratitude of the affected families makes our heart even more thankful and satisfied. In behalf of the whole team we would like to thank all of our donors, our partnered organizations, to Indiana Aerospace University, IAU Supreme Student Council, USC Supreme Student Council, Student Alliance for Nationalism and Democracy – University of San Carlos, Abag Carolinian, Society of Young Business Executives and Entrepreneurs – SYBEE, CIT University – Supreme Student Government, USJ-R SHS Supreme Student Government, CDU NSTP-CWTS Team and We Rise As One. According to the recent liquidation report, we were able to gather 126,041.70 pesos. However, the total expenses went over the budget since there were fees that we did not forsee. If you still want to donate, we are still accepting and if the additional donations will exceed, we will forward it to the victims. FOR CASH DONATIONS GCASH 0926 004 9635 Raymound John Alob BDO 000800972554 Ma. Fatima Alob BPI 9129 1696 96 Arielle Kachine A. Dy Together, as one , let us always grab the opportunity to help and show God’s love to everyone. Onwards to blue Skies and stay safe! To God be all the Glory! #HelpBaybay


After years of planning and thorough preparations, Indiana Aerospace University’s (IAU) very own charter service provider Ormoc Air is now fully operational and ready to serve its stakeholders and the public. With the airline companies returning to new normal operations, air traffic is likely to emerge as a pressing problem in the post-pandemic era. To help decongest the traffic, IAU saw the need to establish a private charter service provider in the country which will benefit small-time airline operators and the local community. CEO of IAU Harold E. Toring unveiled in an interview that Ormoc Air was established as a mini aerotropolis and designed to help the community in terms of aerial tours, medical evacuation, and logistical transportation services for clients who wish to go to specific regions in the country that cannot be reached by major airlines. It is also projected that there will be an influx of tourists since air transportation providers such as Ormoc Air will now be more accessible to the public at reasonable rates. More importantly, Mr. Toring emphasized that Ormoc Air will cater to the university’s very own student interns for their on-the-job training, and the IAU graduates to build industry-related experience.


Indiana Aerospace University invites you to be a pioneer in its retrofitted BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN COMPUTER SCIENCE. This specialized program is an integration of automation concepts designed for the demands of the airline industry. IAU will also offer this school year the STEM-COMPUTER SCIENCE Strand for Senior High School which upon completion will qualify SHS graduates for the National Assessment in Computer Systems Servicing and Computer Hardware Servicing (NCII) from TESDA. For online enrollment procedure and admission requirements, please click on this link =>
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Classes will start August 23, 2021. #IAU #Aerospacer #WeGiveYouWingsToFly

The disinfection of the Aerospacers’ Hall before and after the NTC Exam

WATCH: The disinfection of the Aerospacers’ Hall before and after the NTC Exam. This is part of the University’s commitment of ensuring our stakeholders that Covid-19 precautionary measures are strictly observed in the campus. #IAU #Aerospacer #PrecautionaryMeasures #IDRRMU

IAU Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Unit

We are truly living in an uncertain time with the threat of COVID-19. During times like this, our plans, celebrations, travel goals and a lot more may have been pushed back from its intended schedule, but the promise of a brighter tomorrow has never been cancelled! There are certainly brighter days that awaits for us to look forward to, beyond this pandemic. Spiritual health is just as important as physical and mental health! We are inviting all Aerospacers to join us on December 12, Saturday at 2:00pm as we have our 4th webinar series entitled “Lucky No.13” 13 ways to see beyond the pandemic with Rev. Fr. Joriz Foz Calsa, SDB. Zoom link and password shall be posted on your portal or you may also join us through Facebook live. Kitakits, Aerospacers!


Ph to Space: Ascent2Inspire” Virtual Talk

Indiana Aerospace University and Society of Young Aerospace Engineers in collaboration with Philippine Space Agency, are happy to bring you the “Ph to Space: Ascent2Inspire” Virtual Talk.

This event will introduce the different aspects of Philippine Space endeavors, provide diverse graduate studies to pursue likewise career opportunities in the space industry.

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear from the dynamic speakers at the “Ph to Space: Ascent2Inspire” Virtual Talk.

*Exclusive for IAU Students

IAU’s Virtual Graduation & Completion Ceremonies: A Trailblazing Success amid COVID-19

by The Airwatch Board of Editors

Indiana Aerospace University (IAU) held their first-ever Joint University Virtual Graduation and Completion Ceremonies last October 24, 2020 at the Aerospacers Hall from 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM which was streamed live at the IAU Facebook Page. The event was spearheaded by Dr. Jovenal B. Toring, IAU Founder and President, and Mdm. Celia Toring, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, together with Chief Executive Officer, Harold E. Toring; the Dean of all Colleges, Dr. Nonita P. Legaspi and Student Affairs Officer and Event Technical Director, Ms. Maria Luz G. Cahayagan. Also onboard were the basic education administration and faculty and the department chairs of the college who graced their presence physically at the venue. 

Secretary Delfin Negrillo Lorenzana, the 36th Secretary of National Defense of the Republic of the Philippines, was the honorary commencement speaker of the Joint University Virtual Graduation and Completion Ceremonies. Secretary Lorenzana underscored in his commencement message that the country is in need of patriots now more than ever as we transition to the new normal.  He urged IAU graduates to contribute to nation building and be imbued with the zeal of public service as they rise in rank from their chosen careers. He quipped that what matters is you (IAU Graduates) choose to do the greatest good for your country.

Event Technical Director and Students Affairs Officer Ms. Maria Luz G. Cahayagan was grateful for the success of the Virtual Graduation Ceremony stating it was the better alternative during these challenging times as the culmination of years of studies ended with a socially distant, online farewell.  She remarked, “Although this is certainly not the graduation I anticipated, it does not make this journey less meaningful.”

Expressing how he felt about the virtual graduation, Chief Executive Officer Harold E. Toring said, “Prior to the graduation, I was excited [for] it was the first time in IAU history to hold a virtual graduation. For 27 years we’ve been doing the graduation and completion ceremonies traditionally.” Sir Harold was a bit regretful as he believed the Administration could have sent them off with the IAU-brand of graduation rites where graduates and their parents received the diploma on stage; however, it could not be done due to the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, he felt relieved that the ceremony was one for the books.

The graduates also expressed how they felt with regard to the first-ever joint university virtual graduation and completion ceremonies. Jan Nicole Crencia, who majored Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) and who graduated with honors, said he felt happy because even if the world is still being ravaged by the pandemic, they were given the chance to graduate online and be recognized for their achievements. Another graduate in the person of May Hyacinth G. Gocotano, who finished Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering graduate with cum laude merit and being this year’s recipient of the leadership award, had this to say: “Honestly, it wasn’t the most ideal way of graduating especially for college students like us. You’ll get to experience graduation once in your life and having it virtually was a little bit sad. But considering the situation we are having right now, the virtual graduation was really the best option for us. And kudos to IAU for successfully organizing the first virtual graduation.”

It may not be the ideal or traditional way of conducting the graduation and completion ceremonies, the event was nevertheless a memorable one! Indeed, the adventure has just begun for the graduates and completers of the Class of 2020 of Indiana Aerospace University! May you heed what Henry David Thoreau said to “go confidently in the direction of your dreams and live the life you have imagined!”