When I was a child, I knew I wanted to fly. I’ve always imagined working in the Airline industry-gracing, the airport halls, flying to places, and meeting different people. After I graduated college, I got my first job as a passenger service agent in international airline companies such as Asiana Airlines and Silkair. Later, I was trained as a load controller for Philippine Airlines and Singapore Airlines. It paved the way for me to deepen my knowledge, hone my skills, and show me the true meaning of customer service. I tried applying to different airlines as a cabin crew but got rejected four times. It was heartbreaking because I prepared and sacrificed a lot, but it did not stop me from trying again. I used the rejections to my advantage since they highlighted what I needed to improve. They motivated me to push the boundaries with my faith in God and trust in His timing. Then the pandemic happened, which took a toll on the aviation industry. It was as if the world stopped at its feet, which almost caused me to believe that my goal to become a cabin crew was out of reach. Thankfully, the industry could carry on, and the skies cleared again. So, I took every opportunity there was to apply for cabin crew. It was a significant risk, but I’m happy I was accepted. It was not an easy flight, but it was all worth it. To all cabin crew aspirants, take the risk and believe in yourself. Claim your goal as if it is already yours. See things as a learning process, and whenever you feel like giving up, remember why you started.