“We don’t rise to the level of our expectations; we fall to the level of our training.” ― Archilochus. I grew up a wanderer, eagerly looking for adventure. Growing up, I found myself captivated by the figure of my father, a man whose passion for aviation was palpable. Although he had been unable to pursue his dream of becoming a pilot due to medical reasons, his love for flight endures. Instead of piloting real planes, he turned to remote-controlled airplanes as his gateway to the skies. He spent his weekends flying these nitro-powered RC planes and saw him perform aerobatics with those flying toys. Witnessing these as a young child was an honor and an absolute delight. From a young age, I was intensely eager to learn about initiative, cultural awareness, leadership, and teamwork. To cultivate these qualities, I actively participated in various camps, which provided enjoyable training experiences and fostered a sense of brotherhood that would endure for a lifetime. Upon my admission to Indiana Aerospace University, I harbored doubts regarding our ability to secure the necessary financial support for me to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Technology. Given the costs associated with flying, my family couldn’t afford to fund my aviation aspirations. Consequently, I enrolled in a BS in Aircraft Maintenance Technology instead. However, this alternative path continued my enthusiasm. During those years, I dedicated myself to personal growth by engaging in gym workouts, Parkour lessons, and training in MMA at Mactan Combat Sports. Additionally, I served the Church as a Bass Vocalist of the IAU Male Chorale. Furthermore, I actively participated in the Advance Reserve Officer Training Corps, an experience that substantially shaped my character. During this period, there was a significant focus on honing my leadership skills, introducing tactical knowledge, and warmly embracing me into the esteemed profession of arms. In 2015, our class, “Kampilan,” proudly graduated as the pioneering class. These formative experiences and diverse pursuits have significantly contributed to the person I am today, instilling a strong sense of leadership, resilience, and a passion for personal and professional growth. 2016 I proudly graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Aircraft Maintenance Technology. Following graduation, I pursued the necessary licensure and applied as a Candidate Soldier in the Philippine Air Force. However, the Limited Physical Examination dealt a devastating blow to my dreams, leading to denial and subsequent return back home. Despite the disappointment, I mustered the strength to return to my hometown and embark on the recovery journey. Surprisingly, the PAFHRMC (Philippine Air Force Human Resource Management Center) called to inform me that I qualify for a retake exam due to the potential inclusion of the POTC CL-2018 (Philippine Air Force Officer Candidate Course Class 2018). It was an opportunity to redeem myself for not taking the first exam seriously. This unexpected turn of events gave me hope, and I embraced the chance to prove myself. I diligently prepared, took the retake exam, and successfully passed, securing my place in the class. After undergoing six months of rigorous training at the PAFOCS (Philippine Air Force Officer Candidate School) in AETDC (Air Education, Training, and Doctrine Command), throughout this challenging journey, I found solace in my faith as Christ guided me toward something more significant. I am currently assigned to the 15th Strike Wing, and I firmly believe there is always more to learn and achieve as an officer and military pilot. I approach my responsibilities humbly, recognizing that continuous growth and development are essential in my chosen profession. A French Rafale pilot once said, “What makes a pilot is the humility to think everybody else is better than him. There is a Dichotomy where you have to be extremely self-confident to be in charge of an aircraft like that, yet you have to be extremely humble because you know you don’t know everything, and you have to emphasize a beginner mindset at all times.”