I entered the field of aviation purely out of curiosity. But that curiosity turned into the adventure that I’m having today. I had my OJT period at the CAAP head office. I was assigned to the Air Traffic Service and was inspired by our country’s air traffic controllers. I was curious about what they do and was amazed at how they work. It’s a unique job essential in the aviation industry, yet it remains almost unheard of. When I was presented with an opportunity to become one, I grabbed it. I was immediately up for the challenge and decided to pursue it. I’m still figuring stuff out as I go. However, I’m actively pursuing this career because I still believe in the wonders of aviation and how it brings people closer together, wherever they may be, across the globe. Aviation poses a significant challenge for professionals in this field. The heavy burden of keeping the skies safe, among other professions, falls upon us. The work itself may be challenging, but it’s what keeps my adrenaline pumping—in a good way. I’m also excited about becoming one of the few aerospacers to pursue a career as an air traffic controller. The fact that I’m in a profession that excites me every single day motivates me to keep going. I am most proud of graduating from the Comprehensive Air Traffic Service training. It challenged me and pushed me to my limits. It helped me shape my mental capacity, emotional endurance, and intellectual ability. Finishing the course gave me a sense of pride and purpose as an Air Traffic Controller. Indiana Aerospace University played an important role in helping me gain familiarity with the aviation industry. This knowledge was advantageous during my training and continues to benefit me in my current job. During my studies in Aerospace Engineering, I had the opportunity to develop my problem-solving and critical analysis skills, which are essential in this field. My professor once said that you are probably on the wrong path if the path is quiet and smooth. All of us face challenges every day, and no one is exempted. I ran into my fair share of obstacles before I achieved what I have today. Our rigorous training included periodic evaluations, which were very difficult and nerve-wracking. Aside from that, we also had volumes of manuals to study and countless sleepless nights. I overcame them by staying disciplined, being productive, focusing on the most important things, and finally, taming my emotions to handle things accordingly. For my fellow Aerospacers, if you want to become one of the Aviation Frontiers and seek a challenging career, this is the right job for you. It may be hard at first, but you will learn how to become resilient later. This job comes with great responsibility, but it will also forge your solid commitment to your work and exercise the importance of trust and teamwork. Just believe in yourself even if no one else does. Stay curious, remain interested, and broaden your horizons. You can do anything if you put your mind to it. The Wind may get strong along the way, so maintain your grit and curiosity as you head for your dreams. Only then will you be Cleared for take-off! Your dreams await you – all you have to do is act on them.