With great pride and admiration, we introduce you to one of our brightest stars, DAXCIE U. LIMBACO, an esteemed alumnus of Indiana Aerospace University’s BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN AEROSPACE ENGINEERING Class of 2004. Mr. Limbaco’s transformative journey from our classrooms to the forefront of the aviation industry is a beacon of inspiration. As a pioneer graduate of our Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering program, he has consistently showcased exceptional skill, determination, and remarkable leadership. Today, Mr. Limbaco stands tall as one of Etihad Airways’ distinguished Airline and MRO Quality Auditors. His extensive knowledge and expertise in ISO and IATA IOSA Standards and regulations from CAAP, EASA, FAA, UK CAA, CASA, and UAE GCAA have significantly raised safety and quality standards within the industry, a feat we are immensely proud of.✈️✈️✈️ As we approach July 2024, we are celebrating and truly in awe of Dacxie’s 20th-year anniversary in the aviation industry. This milestone is a testament to his dedication, continuous learning, and pursuit of excellence. The #Aerospacer academic community are proud and deeply honored to have played a pivotal role in shaping Mr. Limbaco’s success. Our commitment to providing our students with not just an education, but the tools and inspiration to reach new heights in their careers, is exemplified in his journey. Please join us in applauding Dacxie U. Limbaco for his outstanding achievements and wishing him success on his remarkable journey.