IAU’s Silver Jubilee

In celebrating our school’s Silver Jubilee, we take time to break away from day-to-day schedules to give way to an equally necessary pursuit of skills and values. Through sports and other activities, we can foster an atmosphere of growth and learning by encouraging positive interaction among the members of this academic community which include the administration, faculty and staff, alumni and students. Having a harmonious relationship among the other sectors of the University is essential in moving toward institutional goals. Through all its resources, both physical and human, IAU hopes to provide its students with the kind of education they rightly deserve, one which nurtures and develops both professional skills and values such as industry, honesty and social awareness among its students. We regard our teachers not as intellectual reservoirs or as mere guardians but as companions in education.  Teachers know that they still have much to learn despite being good at their fields.  Every new encounter is a learning opportunity for them and their students.

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