“Never think less of what you’re capable of, and earn wings with the one who embodies the Heart of the Filipino” I was once a dreamer; I was once someone who said, “what if” I’ll be like them, what if I’ll walk at the airport head tall and everyone watching me as I walk, what if I’ll do the safety demo in front of a hundred passengers, what if I get to travel for free, what if work doesn’t seem like work, what if I’ll become a Philippine Airlines express cabin crew. Did that stagnate into a “what if”? It did not because I visualized what I wanted to become. I believed in myself when everyone said I could not, supported myself when everyone seemed not to be helping, conquered, studied hard, and, most importantly, asked for guidance from my family and God.
As a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering graduate, I never thought I’d be capable and fit the job description of a flight steward, being bullied before by my weight, complexion, and even my braces. I thought before cabin crew was all about glam and elegance (but I was wrong). Being a cabin crew doesn’t only talk about being glamorous; being a head-turner. Still, it talks about being a safety officer in flight, it talks about becoming a first aider, and it’s about not just being presentable but also always ready in every emergency. It’s about being responsive and sensitive to the needs of your passengers, being aware of the safety guidelines and features of the aircraft, and simply being in charge of everyone in the cabin as well as their safety, security, and need for service. As an aerospace engineer, I never thought jargon used in technicality would be tackled as a cabin crew; I did find my bachelor’s very helpful as the terms used were not new to my ears. I’m already well-informed and knowledgeable about the specifics of the aircraft. Was my bachelor’s degree as an Aerospace Engineer help in paving and becoming a flight steward? YES! But was the journey easy? I will tell you it was not, BUT IT WAS ALL WORTH IT! It was not a win-win for me; I also got rejected on my first try, but did I stop pursuing the things I wanted? I did not; I made myself better; I figured out the factors that need improvement because you may not get it on your first, not your second. But who knows what will happen if you easily give up on your third? One piece of advice I can give, if you believe, you will achieve. And never be tired of chasing what your heart beats for; strive hard and continue improving yourself daily. I have been flying with Philippine Airlines Express for nine months now, all I can say is thank you, especially for a very healthy environment, and it taught me a lot of things, and one thing for sure is to be grateful; you will meet people who share cheers, joy and even sadness. But every day, I’m glad to be a part of their trip and bring them safely and happily to their destination.
To all aspirants, be passionate enough to acquire your dreams and visions; if you are passionate and determined, everything will fall into place. Believe in yourself cause when the time comes that no one will believe in you, who else will? Support yourself, and double your efforts. Stay humble and have a good attitude. And most importantly, have faith and ask guidance from God, pray about your worries, ask for strength, and never give up. The journey will not be easy; sleepless nights, your routine will be different, but it will all be worth it. Without God, family, friends, batch-mates (B118-22), and my alma mater, this would be impossible. I want to take this chance to be grateful to everyone who has helped me reach what I am today. Especially Indiana Aerospace University (IAU) for fueling my drive and passion for becoming one. And, of course, Philippine Airlines Express for seeing the potential in me and rewarding me with wings to fly. Thank you all! This is Joseph Martin II H. Lua your flight steward of Batch PIRMERO. Mabuhay! Flying with you all soon! Where we make the sky your home.