Senior High School Post Immersion Activity 2018

After the Pre-Immersion Orientation in June of the first semester of school year 2017-2018, Grade 12 students were required to present their Work Immersion Portfolio in the presence of Ms. Desamparados Rosales, Faculty President, Mrs. Laarni Lumanog, PTA Board President and Mr. Darwin Cavada, Basic Education Department Guidance Counselor who acted as the raters.  Also present during that post immersion activity were Mrs. Eulalia O. Cayude, Principal, Ms. Jocelyn Cinco, Assistant Principal and Registrar, and of course, the Grade 12 class advisers who were there to morally support their students. From the said activity, the school was happy to know that students were generally enjoying their work immersion and are becoming more eager to pursue airline-related courses in college.  Of course, this makes the IAU administration happy because the future of the college department also depends on the success of our senior high school students.