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IAU’s Virtual Graduation & Completion Ceremonies: A Trailblazing Success amid COVID-19

by The Airwatch Board of Editors

Indiana Aerospace University (IAU) held their first-ever Joint University Virtual Graduation and Completion Ceremonies last October 24, 2020 at the Aerospacers Hall from 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM which was streamed live at the IAU Facebook Page. The event was spearheaded by Dr. Jovenal B. Toring, IAU Founder and President, and Mdm. Celia Toring, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, together with Chief Executive Officer, Harold E. Toring; the Dean of all Colleges, Dr. Nonita P. Legaspi and Student Affairs Officer and Event Technical Director, Ms. Maria Luz G. Cahayagan. Also onboard were the basic education administration and faculty and the department chairs of the college who graced their presence physically at the venue. 

Secretary Delfin Negrillo Lorenzana, the 36th Secretary of National Defense of the Republic of the Philippines, was the honorary commencement speaker of the Joint University Virtual Graduation and Completion Ceremonies. Secretary Lorenzana underscored in his commencement message that the country is in need of patriots now more than ever as we transition to the new normal.  He urged IAU graduates to contribute to nation building and be imbued with the zeal of public service as they rise in rank from their chosen careers. He quipped that what matters is you (IAU Graduates) choose to do the greatest good for your country.

Event Technical Director and Students Affairs Officer Ms. Maria Luz G. Cahayagan was grateful for the success of the Virtual Graduation Ceremony stating it was the better alternative during these challenging times as the culmination of years of studies ended with a socially distant, online farewell.  She remarked, “Although this is certainly not the graduation I anticipated, it does not make this journey less meaningful.”

Expressing how he felt about the virtual graduation, Chief Executive Officer Harold E. Toring said, “Prior to the graduation, I was excited [for] it was the first time in IAU history to hold a virtual graduation. For 27 years we’ve been doing the graduation and completion ceremonies traditionally.” Sir Harold was a bit regretful as he believed the Administration could have sent them off with the IAU-brand of graduation rites where graduates and their parents received the diploma on stage; however, it could not be done due to the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, he felt relieved that the ceremony was one for the books.

The graduates also expressed how they felt with regard to the first-ever joint university virtual graduation and completion ceremonies. Jan Nicole Crencia, who majored Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) and who graduated with honors, said he felt happy because even if the world is still being ravaged by the pandemic, they were given the chance to graduate online and be recognized for their achievements. Another graduate in the person of May Hyacinth G. Gocotano, who finished Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering graduate with cum laude merit and being this year’s recipient of the leadership award, had this to say: “Honestly, it wasn’t the most ideal way of graduating especially for college students like us. You’ll get to experience graduation once in your life and having it virtually was a little bit sad. But considering the situation we are having right now, the virtual graduation was really the best option for us. And kudos to IAU for successfully organizing the first virtual graduation.”

It may not be the ideal or traditional way of conducting the graduation and completion ceremonies, the event was nevertheless a memorable one! Indeed, the adventure has just begun for the graduates and completers of the Class of 2020 of Indiana Aerospace University! May you heed what Henry David Thoreau said to “go confidently in the direction of your dreams and live the life you have imagined!”


Aspiring cabin crew applicants flocked to Indiana Aerospace University’s (IAU) Aerospacers’ Hall with high hopes to fly for the country’s flag carrier, PAL Express. Supervised by Mr. Leonides V. Peña, AVP Director of In-flight Services and Training Department, the recruitment by PAL Express was aimed at hiring more cabin crew personnel owing to the airliner’s unprecedented demand. “There is a need to hire more cabin crews”, says Mr. Peňa, “but applicants must meet the standards.” Further, the activity was held to accommodate competent applicants who have difficulty in making it to Manila. According to him, they [PAL Ex] are usually the ones reaching out to applicants nationwide, especially those outside of Metro Manila.

Asked why IAU was the chosen place to hold the event, Mr. Peña quips, “Because IAU is generous enough to open the doors to accommodate applicants even if they are not graduates from their school.”

This in a way makes IAU the favourite hub for aspiring airline/aviation professionals as more airline companies and service providers collaborate with the school yearly for career opportunities here and abroad.


On February 4, 2020, Canada’s Sault College, as represented by its Vice President, Strategic International Development Richard W. Peters, met with Indiana Aerospace University’s Chief Executive Officer Harold E. Toring to tackle the forthcoming consortium between the two schools especially in the aviation and airline course offerings.

Both parties were very positive as they looked into not only the congruence in curricular offerings and amenities but also the myriad academic and career opportunities such as student-and-faculty exchange program, summer camp, andinternship which will benefit IAU senior high school and college students, faculty, and stakeholders. Present at the meeting were Dr. Nonita P. Legaspi, Dean of Colleges; Capt. Marc Aron Y. Uy, Aviation Department Head; Ms. Fairlane Inso and Dr. Christian Ray C. Licen, former program consultant.

After the meeting, Mr. Toring walked Mr. Peters through the Aviation Simulacrum building which features IAU’s flight simulator. As higher education institutions are moving towards international academic mobilization and linkages, IAU is surely on the go!

Skywatching – National Astronomy Week 2020

IAU Astronomical Society will start off the National Astronomy Week 2020 at Sacred Heart School, Ateneo de Cebu.

We will be joining Ateneo de Cebu STEM Students Association’s skywatching event from 4pm – 8pm, together with our guest speaker Mr. Adrian Abac, our partners USC Physics and Astronomy Society, SSERD – Philippines, ISAAC (Innovation Science Astronomy Association of Cebu), YLC (Youth for Livable Communities), Graphic Star, PUSO (Philippine Union of Student Organizations) For Astronomy, Sacred Heart School – Ateneo de Cebu and our ever supportive school Indiana Aerospace University.

See you there, Ateneo de Cebu STEM students! 😁🔭


Philippine Telescope Hour 2020

Last Night’s celebration of the Philippine Telescope Hour 2020 was a success!

We would like to thank all the people who spared their time and went to Plaza Independencia and to our partners during the event. Thank you so much Manila Street AstronomersUSC Physics and Astronomy SocietySSERD – PhilippinesCATS – SSC, and our very supportive school Indiana Aerospace University. We couldn’t have done this without you 🤗🌌

We would also like to apologize to some of the people who went out there and wasn’t able to have a chance to enjoy the free telescope viewing for the weather didn’t cooperate sligthly. 🌃

But rest assured we will be having more astronomical events just for you. 👌🏻🔭
Let’s just hope for clearer skies then. 🌌

We hope that all of you have enjoyed.
See you at our next telescope viewing! 🤗 🌌🌕 🔭

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Swim Team Got GOLD

Indiana Learning Center does not only hone student’s academic potentials but also their talents and skills in the field of performing arts and sports.  School year 2017-2018 was indeed a blast because students were bringing honor to our school by joining and winning in sports events in and outside the school campus.  Just recently, AJ Bocabo, a Grade 7 student and a member of the IAU Swim Team, won gold medal in the 50 meters breastroke competition during the Ateneo de Cebu Swim Meet 2018.  After many tries, AJ made it to the winning round making him not only a winner but a champion.  Good job, AJ!

LapuLapu Schools’ Division Superintendent Attended Moving Up Ceremony

The Lapu-Lapu City Schools’ Division Superintent, Dr. Marilyn S. Andales, surprised us with her presence during the Pre-School Moving Up Ceremony last March 16, 2018.  She usually sends only representatives to grace special occasions like this, but that time, she personally delivered her inspirational message to the parents, teachers and pupils. The Pre-School completers were indeed so lucky to have with them the school superintendent.  It was indeed a great honor for Indiana Learning Center to have Dr. Andales herself grace the occasion.

Senior High School Post Immersion Activity 2018

After the Pre-Immersion Orientation in June of the first semester of school year 2017-2018, Grade 12 students were required to present their Work Immersion Portfolio in the presence of Ms. Desamparados Rosales, Faculty President, Mrs. Laarni Lumanog, PTA Board President and Mr. Darwin Cavada, Basic Education Department Guidance Counselor who acted as the raters.  Also present during that post immersion activity were Mrs. Eulalia O. Cayude, Principal, Ms. Jocelyn Cinco, Assistant Principal and Registrar, and of course, the Grade 12 class advisers who were there to morally support their students. From the said activity, the school was happy to know that students were generally enjoying their work immersion and are becoming more eager to pursue airline-related courses in college.  Of course, this makes the IAU administration happy because the future of the college department also depends on the success of our senior high school students.

Grade Three (3) Pupils Received Holy Communion For The First Time

The cute and lovable grade three pupils had their First Holy Communion on December 2, 2017 with Rev. Fr. Rudy Bugna, OSA as the Main Celebrant. Together with their parents, the children in their beautiful white suits vowed to become good Christians. Fr. Rudy was so happy to see and witness how the children behaved well during the ceremony and was so appreciative as to how the little ones memorized and said their parts so well. The success of that once in a lifetime experience among the children was of course attributed to the Grade 3 class advisers, Teachers Roselyn Pasilan and Vanessa Dechosa and their subject teachers. Of course, with the inspiration and guidance of the Sisters of St. Francis most especially Sr. Maria Josela, OSF, the Religion teacher and Campus Ministry Coordinator, the ceremony was so solemn and successful. To all the teachers and administrative officers present during the said event, thank you so much and CONGRATULATIONS for a job well done!

Music Recital 2018

December 13, 2017 was a significant date to the Grades 4 to 6 pupils and the Junior High School students because that was the day when they showed their musical skills using various instruments, such as the recorder, guitar, violin and keyboard.  Parents who witnessed the recital felt proud and were amazed to see their children playing different instruments.  Some of them commented that they did not regret enrolling their children at Indiana Learning Center having witnessed how the Music teachers have honed their children’s skills in playing the musical instruments. The male and female hosts (both Grade 10 students) also did their job well during the recital and teachers felt so proud having seen their students doing each of their tasks – singing, hosting and playing the musical instruments – well.  “Nakakaproud”, according to them.  Well, then, a salute to all the ILC teachers for a job well done!

Culminating the Month of Rosary

Each school year, it is already the tradition of Indiana Learning Center to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary with a Living Rosary which culminates the Rosary Month of October.  Through the inspiration and guidance of the Sisters of the Order of St. Francis, Social Studies and Christian Living Education teachers usually take the lead in making the Living Rosary a reality and a success.

This school year, the Living Rosary was successfully held in the afternoon of October 20, 2017 at the IAU gym.  The students cooperated and participated well.  As usual, they, together with their teachers, brought and offered flowers to the Blessed Mother during the finale.  Of course, after the whole activity, what excited the students most was the announcement of the start of the SEMESTRAL BREAK right after the Living Rosary.

Family Day 2018

Last October 8, 2017, the annual FAMILY DAY which was painstakingly organized by the PTA Officers under the leadership of Mrs. Laarni Lumanog, RN, was held successfully at the IAU Gym.  There was a good number of attendees and most, if not all, enjoyed all the games including the catching of the pig.

Painting displays and stage decoration were all colorful and awesome and many, not excluding the teachers and administrators, enjoyed taking their “selfie” and “groupie” photos with them.  After the event, everybody went home tired and exhausted yet happy and contented. 

Congratulations to the PTA Board of Officers for a job well done!

Junior and Senior High School Students Leadership Training

The Leadership Training (Junior High School) and Team Building (Senior High School) for all high school officers held last July 15 and 22 respectively was successfully organized and facilitated by the Guidance Staff headed by our Basic Education Guidance Counselor, Mr. Darwin Cavada.  It is something that high school officers always look forward to every school year because they, not only learn and hone their leadership skills but also develop friendship and brotherhood among their peers and schoolmates. Indiana Learning Center aims to develop leaders among students whose common goal is to unite everyone to create a wholesome environment where students and teachers live and learn together as one happy community.

Outreach Program: St. Camillus Home for the Aged

Indiana Learning Center believes in the joy of giving, thus, its students are taught to be kind and generous especially to the needy and the elderly.  This school year, junior and senior high school students go out of their way to meet and give bundles of joy to the LOLAs and LOLOs who are either abandoned or entrusted to the care of the sisters of St. Camillus in Talamban, Cebu.  Each class takes its turn in bringing and giving joy to the elderlies every other Saturday from August of 2017 to February of 2018.  To those who had already their turn, the experience did not only strengthen the bond of the students in their respective advisory classes but it also gave them the opportunity to serve the elderly during feeding time and bring them joy as they offered the LOLAs and LOLOs their dances and songs. Such an experience made some students cry especially when they remembered their old GRANDPAS and GRANDMAS back home. Most of them realized how precious it is for the OLDs to be given time by the YOUNGs. To the old folks, on the other hand, they always felt grateful.  Most of the times, tears of joy from their eyes fell as they said goodbye to their young visitors.  They always looked forward to see and meet the students every other Saturday.  After all, the material things students brought are not really what matter most to them.  It’s the joy, the time, the kindness and the love that students and teachers bring to and share with them that matter most.

IAU’s Silver Jubilee

In celebrating our school’s Silver Jubilee, we take time to break away from day-to-day schedules to give way to an equally necessary pursuit of skills and values. Through sports and other activities, we can foster an atmosphere of growth and learning by encouraging positive interaction among the members of this academic community which include the administration, faculty and staff, alumni and students. Having a harmonious relationship among the other sectors of the University is essential in moving toward institutional goals. Through all its resources, both physical and human, IAU hopes to provide its students with the kind of education they rightly deserve, one which nurtures and develops both professional skills and values such as industry, honesty and social awareness among its students. We regard our teachers not as intellectual reservoirs or as mere guardians but as companions in education.  Teachers know that they still have much to learn despite being good at their fields.  Every new encounter is a learning opportunity for them and their students. IAU is celebrating its Jubilee Year for the whole year with the following line-up of activities. September – Launching of the Silver Jubilee and Intramurals. October – Feast Day of St. Therese of  Lisieux and  World Teacher’s Day November – Academics Month December – World Aviation Day January – Mardi Gras Festival February – Students’ Day March – Joint 25th Commencement Exercises and Personnel               Recognition Day

“Hagit sa Aerospacer” Marks Career Orientation 2017

Indiana Aerospace University (IAU) launched its Career Orientation on June 24, 2017 with the slogan “Hagit sa Aerospacer” to both the senior high school and college students. The event aims to cultivate career awareness among Aerospacers and to introduce them to the different school clubs or organizations to compliment their academic life. Notable industry professionals were invited to speak before the students. Dr. Froilan B. Balucio, Head of Training for Aviation Partnership Philippines, gave an encouraging address and an overview about the world of aviation.  Ms. Ana Corina T. Padilla and Ms. Daisy B. Gallon, HR Officers of the Talent Acquisition and Placement of Philippine Airlines Lines Express (PAL Express) also promoted its recruitment activity which IAU is set to host on June 27.            A forum was opened to entertain questions and concerns from students who are interested to know more about the career opportunities in the aviation industry.  Also, students sought practical advice on how to build a strong career.  Dr. Balucio reiterated that students should acquire both hard and soft skills.  Hard skills refer to the technical competence that students acquire through the specialized courses, training, and education in IAU in general.  Soft skills on the other hand refer to communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills which students need to hone in for they will deal with people across the different levels of the organization. The event was spearheaded by the school’s Student Affairs Director Ms. Ma. Luz G. Cahayagan, the College Supreme Student Council (SSC), and the ambassadors of the different school organizations.  By:  Mark Jethro Romero, EIC for Publication

A Well-Attended Parents’ General Assembly and Orientation

It was on July 1, 2017 when the new Aerospacer Hall was filled with the parents of our pre-school, grade school, junior high school and senior high school who attended the first Parents’ General Assembly and Orientation for the school year 2017-2018.  The number of attendees was quite overwhelming and though the assembly ended quite late at noon already, the smiling faces of the parents who expressed their appreciation and thanks before leaving the venue were enough to inspire the teachers and administrators to work better for the good of their children. Indiana Learning Center’s new set of teaching staff was introduced to the parents.  Likewise, ILC’s new School Director, Dr. Nonita P. Legaspi, who spoke about the new system of pedagogy in the basic education department, was also introduced to the assembly.  The half-day orientation alsocovered such topics as the grading system, generalschool rules and regulations as stipulated in the students’ handbook, ACP (Aerospace Cadets/Cadettes of the Philippines), guidance concerns, etc. The well-attended assembly and orientation ended with the election of the PTA Board officers which is now headed by its newly elected president, Mrs. Laarni Lumanog, a registered nurse and a mother of two girls – a college student taking up Airline Management and a Grade 5 pupil, both of whom are studying at IAU.

IAU Launcher Disaster Reduction Org

As the campaign for disaster-preparedness is heightened, Indiana Aerospace University (IAU) launched its very own Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Unit (DRRMU) on the summer of 2017. The Administration acknowledged the need to have a unit dedicated towards disaster preparedness. With no time to waste, they immediately formed her own DRMMU, a first school based DRRMU in the City of Lapu-Lapu under the supervision of IAU’s Safety Manager, Engr. Edjie Galleos and upon the leadership of its student Adriane Adaptar, BS Avionics Technology. It is composed of  thirty (30) Aerospacers who underwent the training series from April 22, May 6-7 and May 13-14 respectively.
Fire Safety Training
The DRRMU aims to promote disaster awareness and preparedness in the light of the country’s scuffle on both natural and man-made disasters. This organization also aims to complement the government’s efforts in beefing up the country’s disaster risk reduction and management program after having experienced the 2013 Visayas “killer” quake and Tyhpoon Haiyan “Yolanda” which greatly devastated the Visayan region. Starting off, the group underwent the Hazard Mapping, DRRMU Basics and Fire Safety Training conducted by the Lapu-Lapu City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office along with the Lapu-Lapu City Fire District held at the University’s Aviation Room 2. There, the members were oriented on the vulnerability of hazardous materials and situations that can put student’s life into danger. Then, the trainees identified those potential risks that are present in the campus. 
Hazard Mapping
In the same day, they underwent the fire safety seminar with a fire suppression drill, giving the members a firsthand experience on how to put out a fire. In the afternoon, the DRRMU Basic Skill training was conducted, providing the participants sufficient knowledge on disaster preparedness. The training on Medical First Responder was given on May 6-7 which was conducted by the Lapu-Lapu City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office held at the Aerospacer’s Hall.The members were taught and trained to become first responders in times of emergencies. They were able to learn the basics on how to be a first responder such as patient assessment, first aid, CPR and FOD, type of carries and spine board operating procedure. Their third and final training for this summer was on Water Rescue, conducted by the 5th ARCEN of the Philippine Air Force held at Villas Magallanes on its first session and at the University pool on its second session.There, they were taught how to survive in the water and how to rescue a person from drowning.  Worth noting is the newly procured first batch of equipment for the unit that will fully aid them in this endeavor. The Administration also revealed plans to establish a modern command center that will become a monitoring center mainly dedicated towards disaster prevention. The summer tra ining capped off productively with hands-on activities on risk reduction and disaster management. It is envisioned that IAU’s DRRMU should be ready in times of emergencies and assist Aerospacers in times of injury, disaster awareness and preparation, and foster volunteering endeavors. Hats off to the University’s “first responders”!