IAUs 26th Founding Anniversary | September 2-8, 2018

In the journey to sustain the path to excellence and global competitiveness, Indiana Aerospace University (IAU) reverberates the significance of holistic growth among all Aerospacers who are exemplars of Aristotle’s principle that education is not only of the mind, but far more of the heart. Through the years, various changes were instituted in IAU in terms of curriculum, program offerings, infrastructure, amenities, faculty, student life, and research as it aspires to be the leader in aerospace education under the guidance of its patroness St. Therese of Lisieux and by the grace of the Almighty Father. In celebration of its 26th year, we resonate once again the spirit of solidarity through sports and socio-cultural activities aimed at harnessing the multi-potentialities of the Aerospacers through the support of the faculty and the Administration. With a shot of grit and a passion for greatness, IAU envisions to be the cornerstone of academic, professional and moral excellence! Program of Activities :
September 2 (Sun)
3:00 AM Rise and Run
Intramurals 2018 Opening Ceremony
10:00 AM Thanksgiving Mass
September 3 (Mon)
8:00 AM Parade
Mr. and Ms. Intramurals 2018
(Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer Kickball,
Table Tennis, Swimming, Badminston,
Sepak Takraw, Futsal, Chess, Scrabble)
Amazing Race
September 4 (Tues)
8:00 AM E-Tournament
(DOTA, Battle to Throttle, SumoBot)
Spetember 5 (Wed)
8:00 AM Basic Education Day
2:30 Lip Sync Battle
September 6 (Thurs)
6:00 PM MUGNA (Most Unforgettable Night for Aerospacers)
September 7 (Fri)
September 8 (Sat)
8:00 AM Holy Mass – Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary
10:00 AM GAMES … GAMES…GAMES (Championship)
September 9 (Sun)
6:00 PM Pop Jazz and Dance Sport Competition
Proclamation of Winners

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