Philippine Telescope Hour 2020

Last Night’s celebration of the Philippine Telescope Hour 2020 was a success!

We would like to thank all the people who spared their time and went to Plaza Independencia and to our partners during the event. Thank you so much Manila Street AstronomersUSC Physics and Astronomy SocietySSERD – PhilippinesCATS – SSC, and our very supportive school Indiana Aerospace University. We couldn’t have done this without you 🤗🌌

We would also like to apologize to some of the people who went out there and wasn’t able to have a chance to enjoy the free telescope viewing for the weather didn’t cooperate sligthly. 🌃

But rest assured we will be having more astronomical events just for you. 👌🏻🔭
Let’s just hope for clearer skies then. 🌌

We hope that all of you have enjoyed.
See you at our next telescope viewing! 🤗 🌌🌕 🔭

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