‘Aerospace’ Show: A first of its kind

By Aldous Aldwin Alde, BSAE I For the first time in 22 years, Indiana Aerospace University (IAU) featured an Aerospace Show on August 12-14, 2014 in the campus.  In consortium with NCERIES, it exhibited varied Aviation-Aeronautics student projects and a digital mobile planetarium. IMG_0563 Different schools graced the 3-day event and witnessed the exhibits.  Among these were: Arise Christian Academy, Einstein School for Kids, Holy Infant Montessori School, School Wonder Academic Center, St. Anthony Learning Center, and IAU’s Indiana Learning Center (Basic Education Department). On its debut, the event was featured by GMA 7’s Buena Mano Balita.  In an interview with Buena Mano Balita, IAU’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. Harold E. Toring said that project was conceived as an avenue for the public, especially the graders, to “know” more about the Aerospace and value its contribution as an important key player of the global economy. He furthered that the project also aims to raise awareness and to appreciate the strides in meteorological and aerospace science. Featured in the exhibit were electronic miniature aircrafts, standard-sized propeller and aircraft exhibition video clip of the College of Aerospace Engineering; aircraft engine and Cessna static display of the College of Aircraft Maintenance Technology; the Nomad aircraft of the College of Airline Management; miniature airplanes, landing gears, and the tableau replica of the Mactan-Cebu International Airport (MCIA), and the high-end flight simulator of the College of Aviation Technology.

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Ms. Maria Luz G. Cahayagan, OJT Coordinator of IAU and one of the organizers of the Aerospace Show said, “It is also good for the kids that at an early age they would be inspired to land a career in the aerospace in the future.” Long since 1992, IAU has been putting forward its best foot and the Aerospace Show is just one among the many more to set the pace and trend.  Mr. Toring announced during the Thanksgiving Day that the said show would be an annual event.