IAU presses on for infrastructure development

Are you ever wondering what the drilling, digging, and hammering is all about around the campus? Well, here’s food for your curiosity. As a growing institution, IAU envisions to become a Learning Center of Excellence totally dedicated to the full development of the Human mind, Heart, and Spirit by elevating education to the highest level of all human aspirations in the service of God and His people. Keeping true to this, the Administration is all geared up for infrastructure development, which is but a badge of a progressing institution.

Below is a site map which highlights the following developments:

  1. Cabin Simulation Room? A two-storey building is currently constructed adjacent Room 112.  According to a reliable source, the 1ST floor will house additional classrooms and a “cabin simulation room” is set on the 2nd floor.   What can you say Airline Management majors?
  2. Surely not down the drain. A bigger drainage system which is situated across the gym is put up. As a system of drains, liquid waste will be drained from this area.  This will also forestall potential floods in the soccer field.  Also, it is building a catch basin which will gather rain water to be re-used for flushing toilet bowls and for watering the plants.
  3. Septic tank. A septic tank fronting the Administration building is set to be finished in a months’ time. This underground large reservoir will holds human waste from the toilets until it is turned into liquid enough to be absorbed on the ground.
  4. On-the rise. A new HRM and TTM building is undergoing furnishing. This new facility is set to showcase a modernized kitchen and a five-star hotel ambiance. Add to it, this façade is set to accommodate not only the HRM and TTM majors but also those who will enroll in the upcoming offering of short course programs such as Basic Housekeeping, Culinary and Bartending.
  5. In-the-swim. An Olympic size swimming pool is constructed for swimming classes which shall have been finished by the end of October.  This will surely be beneficial to the Airline Management majors who are required to teem for the Sea Survival training.
  6. ‘Leveling’ the playing field. Good news to soccer players. There is an on-going level-off of the school field for a smoother and bump-free play.
  7. Face-lift.  Yes, the school canteen is currently under renovation.  Tiling, painting and other food and catering provisions are set forth to ensure maximum cleanliness and sanitation.

More exciting still is the construction of a Lawn Tennis Court located in the Basic Education vicinity. You had better gear up your tennis wear by now because it will operate by the second semester.

What more can you ask for?  These developments are sure-fire to deliver quality education at a stone’s throw away.

  by:  Alyssa Jae Gallo

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