Q & A with Merl Gayo on her lesson-filled stint in Miss Teen Earth Philippines

Here’s every reason why we should all love Merl Gayo for taking up the cudgel in Miss Teen Earth Philippines which was aired on June 28, 7:00 PM at TV 5.
  1. Why did you join Miss Teen Earth Philippines? “I joined Miss Teen Earth Philippines to experience something purposeful – getting involved in preserving and protecting.”
  2. What was the most challenging part of the pageant? “The most challenging part was the preliminary screening because thousands of girls were bagging for a spot in the official candidates of MTEP 2015. Luckily, I made it!”
  3. Can you call it a once in a lifetime experience? Was it worth it? “Indeed, being a Miss Teen Earth Philippines candidate was a once in a lifetime experience because it is different from any other pageants. It is a pageant with beauty and a purpose. And that purpose of the MTEP made itself all worth it.”
  4. How did you manage your time when you were still in the competition? “I had trainings for consecutive nights and classes during the day. It was hard getting up early for class after a training that finishes until 11 in the evening. However, I made sure to do my school works first. I kept up doing my head most priority”
  5. How did it make you feel? “It made me feel blessed and lucky.”
  6. What is your cutting edge among the other students here in IAU? “I have my own bucket list. Perhaps, what makes me different from other students here in IAU are my goals and outlook in life. I am a great dreamer and I extremely do not want to waste any opportunity that will bring me to success. The world is my battleground. I am not a person of mediocrity. I do not settle for something less. And I always work hard for the things I want to achieve.
  7. How do you express your uniqueness? “I can express my uniqueness by giving my best in everything that I do – small things or big. And by having a good relationship with people around me.”
  8. What do you want to tell the students of IAU? Let us continue to empower our school and give our hearts out for each other and for the world we live in
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