Aerospace Engineering Majors Hype Up for AE Days

This year, the College of Aerospace Engineering (AE) launched a week-long celebration under the leadership of its student organization, the Society of Young Aerospace Engineers (SYAE). The SYAE prepared a battery of activities and events for its college. The AEvents and AEdventures started with the AEnger games, a test for the teams’ physical fitness. What came next was the battle of the brains competition called The Quiz BAE. No fancy strategy, no physical fitness, only intellectual value was required. As if all these were not enough, the SYAE AEvents culminated with the popular AEmazing race.  This was a battle ground to the things the AE Majors learned from all the past events. At daybreak, the engineers assembled at the school’s basketball court where the start of the race would take place. The first challenge was tofind your team’s banner. Next stop was Mactan Shrine. There, the AE Majors’ artistic talents were showcased through a mini movie challenge about the battle of Mactan. Then, they proceeded to Freedom Park at the foot of the second Mactan Bridge. At this point, endurance was the gauge as only two representatives from each group were allowed to perform the task. They were asked to measure portions of the bridge using only a six inch ruler. After, they headed for Plaza Independencia, a wonderful place to show teamwork. Clues led them to Magellan’s Cross where they encountered another set of problems. As the day was ending, the teams raced to our final destination, Ibabaw Mountain Resort located in Lilo-an Cebu. There all the awards were given and the party started. The winners for the events are as follows: AEngerGames : Greenwich             Business Month: Yellow Pineapple             Quiz BAE : Red Alert               AEmazingRace : Bluetooth             After all those mind bending and back-breaking challenges, the AE Majors took the best prize of all: friendship and camaraderie. By :  Adrianne Douglas Co, BS AE-I

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