Music Recital 2018

December 13, 2017 was a significant date to the Grades 4 to 6 pupils and the Junior High School students because that was the day when they showed their musical skills using various instruments, such as the recorder, guitar, violin and keyboard.  Parents who witnessed the recital felt proud and were amazed to see their children playing different instruments.  Some of them commented that they did not regret enrolling their children at Indiana Learning Center having witnessed how the Music teachers have honed their children’s skills in playing the musical instruments. The male and female hosts (both Grade 10 students) also did their job well during the recital and teachers felt so proud having seen their students doing each of their tasks – singing, hosting and playing the musical instruments – well.  “Nakakaproud”, according to them.  Well, then, a salute to all the ILC teachers for a job well done!