Honorary Commencement Speaker
IAU’s Virtual Graduation & Completion Ceremonies: A Trailblazing Success Amid COVID-19


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Senator Christopher "Bong" T. Go
Guest of Honor and Speaker
26th Commencement Exercises
March 23, 2019.



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We are truly living in an uncertain time with the threat of COVID-19. During times like this, our plans, celebrations, travel goals and a lot ...
Indiana Aerospace University and Society of Young Aerospace Engineers in collaboration with Philippine Space Agency, are happy to bring you the “Ph to Space: Ascent2Inspire” ...
Helloo Aerospacers! We’ll have a mass on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception on Tuesday at 9 o’ clock in the morning at St Therese ...
by The Airwatch Board of Editors Indiana Aerospace University (IAU) held their first-ever Joint University Virtual Graduation and Completion Ceremonies last October 24, 2020 at ...
Seeking for motivation to keep you going on your dreams and aspirations in life in the midst of this pandemic may seem to be tough. ...
“Health isn’t just about what you eat, It’s about what you are thinking and feeling too.” Aerospacers! We are inviting you once again to join ...
In celebration of our school chapel’s 20th Founding Year, and the Feast day of the school’s patron saint. Daily Novena Masses in honor of St ...
As the country and the rest of the world are continually being ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic, let alone the climate of fear and uncertainty ...
Aspiring cabin crew applicants flocked to Indiana Aerospace University’s (IAU) Aerospacers’ Hall with high hopes to fly for the country’s flag carrier, PAL Express. Supervised ...
On February 4, 2020, Canada’s Sault College, as represented by its Vice President, Strategic International Development Richard W. Peters, met with Indiana Aerospace University’s Chief ...
CALLING ALL AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER ASPIRANTS!Paper-and-pencil entrance test will be given on March 28 (Sat) from 7:00am-12:00pm at the IAU Aerospacers’ Hall. Interested applicants may ...
IT’S A PLUS WITH APLUS FOR THE AEROSPACERS! There is no stopping Indiana Aerospace University (IAU) in beefing up its linkages especially with the country’s ...

2020 PAL Express Recruitment Event

Great turnout for this year’s PAL Express Recruitment Event.#IAU#Aerospacer#PALEX#WeGiveYouWingsToFly#LetYourDreamTakeFlight
In line with the upcoming Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines’ (CAAP) paper-and-pencil entrance test for the Comprehensive Air Traffic Service Course Batch 15. There ...
LOOK: Aerospacers! Be fully aware of the Precautionary Measures to take against the Novel Corona Virus Acute Respiratory Disease (2019 N-COV ARD). Please be informed ...

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Indiana Aerospace University is an institution of learning which offers Basic and Tertiary levels of quality Education. It inculcates academic excellence and universal values. It produces globally competitive graduates with a lifelong commitment to Aerospace knowledge and skills development and allied academic pursuits through advanced instruction, production, research, and community service.


Indiana Aerospace University envisions to become a Higher Educational Institution of Excellence totally dedicated to the full development of the human mind, heart, and spirit by elevating education to the highest level of all human aspirations in the service of God and His people.


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